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Welcome to IsraelForum.com


IsraelForum.com is a pro-Israeli and pro-American Internet resource dedicated to providing high-level information about Israel and the U.S. It offers linked and original breaking news, analysis, and commentary from seasoned journalists, authors, and leading experts.

In providing a platform for discussion, we endeavor to promote a pro-Israeli and pro-American point of view and to support Israeli and American efforts to achieve peace and security for their citizens.

Since going live in June 2001, our Open Forums have quickly become one of the Internet's premier destinations for members of the press, leaders of industry, government officials, and members of academia from more than 200 countries around the world.

Currently, IsraelForum.com is the choice of more than a half-million visitors per year, who are interested in top-notch discussions that reflect a wide spectrum of the Israeli and American political and cultural landscape. It is intended to provide not only an unparalleled source of information, but a much-needed refuge from the barrage of anti-Israeli, anti-American, and often anti-Semitic disinformation that pervades much of the Internet.

Whereas most discussion forums aim to attract the widest possible audience, we have decided to take a completely different approach. As such, we endeavor first and foremost to provide credible information to the people who serve in positions of influence in the fields of the military, politics, mass media, education and business. This top-down strategy has enabled us to extend our reach far beyond our own audience, and has made IsraelForum.com one of the most important Israel-related resources online.

IsraelForum.com is referenced by a myriad of sources, like the Israel Hasbara Committee, and is recommended by Time-Warner's Business 2.0 Magazine as one of "the best" sites regarding Israel, alongside other resources from the BBC, Washington Post, the Jerusalem Post, and more in that league.

IsraelForum.com is privately owned and operated.

Content Syndication

IsraelForum.com offers its original content to other Websites and print publication free of charge, provided that proper attribution is made to www.IsraelForum.com and its columnists. Our content enables other Websites and publications to offer their audience a rich, distinct blend of news analysis and expert commentary of a caliber that would ordinarily be cost-prohibitive to many. We offer this content free of charge to provide a balance in media reporting on Israel and the U.S.


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