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Isramom: Aliya Today
It's that time of year again.Nefesh B'Nefeshhas the Internet buzzing with live broadcasts of olim arriving early in the morning at Ben Gurion airport to the cheers of bleary eyed veterans who come there to meet them. Everyone is smiling and crying tear...
Dateline: 2014-04-13 4:35am -07:00T (385 words)
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Isramom: Teaching Jewish Girls in the Shtetl!
Greiding, Ukraine c. 1900Binyoumin Kreplach and the class of girlsThe girl, top row second from the left is my grandmother Rissel the Ruta (the readhead!) and this picture was taken inGorodok/Horodok, Ukrainewhere she was born around 1888. The teacher's...
Dateline: 2014-02-23 4:36am -08:00T (190 words)
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