View Full Version : Letter: Support Our Friends and Not Our Enemies

02-13-2003, 10:58 PM
The Palestinian Arab religious leaders have recently issued a fatwa against Arab leaders aiding the US. A news report written by Arnon Regular reports that the fatwa threatens that "Any Arab
ruler who assists an American assault on Iraq in any way
"betrays God and His prophet, violates Muslim law and will pay
a heavy price."

The fatwa also urges Arab businesses to cut all ties with such
countries and to "boycott American products and withdraw their
money from American banks". "Muslims must prepare for a jihad
[holy war] against the American, Zionist and British aggression
toward Iraq," the fatwa concluded.

The Palestinian Arabs supported Saddam Hussein in the
first Gulf War. They are supporting the satanical Iraqi leader
now, again. They are no friends of America and must be treated as our enemies they truly are.

We must learn who our friends are and who our enemies are. I urge you to support Israel in her existential war.

(Source for good letters: www.vipac.org)