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Thread: Nascent Anti-Semitism - Armenia

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    Nascent Anti-Semitism - Armenia

    Armenia: Country’s Jews Alarmed Over Nascent Anti-Semitism

    Armenia’s tiny Jewish community is growing concerned by what it says is mounting anti-Semitism in the South Caucasus country. Virtually nonexistent in the past, the issue has emerged over the past year amid a rise in anti-Jewish propaganda and the desecration of a Holocaust memorial in Yerevan. The government has so far done little to address the Jewish community's concerns.

    Yerevan, 26 January 2005 (RFE/RL) -- Rimma Varzhapetian says she always felt proud of Armenia when she met fellow Jews from other parts of the former Soviet Union.
    “We always declare everywhere that there has never been anti-Semitism in Armenia, that Armenia is a good place for Jews to live and, more importantly, that Armenia is quite a stable country in political and social respects,” Varzhapetian says.

    That is why the secular leader of Armenia’s Jewish community has had trouble coming to terms with what she says is a recent rise in anti-Semitic propaganda.

    It began in 2004, when ALM, a private pro-government television channel, began broadcasting a phone-in talk show hosted by the station's owner, Tigran Karapetian. For months, Karapetian used the platform to air views that portrayed Jews as an unsavory race bent on dominating Armenia and the wider world.

    Varzhapetian says her office in Yerevan received threatening phone calls after the first series of ALM broadcasts.

    Karapetian's rhetoric appeared to embolden Armen Avetisian, the openly anti-Semitic leader of the Armenian Aryan Union, a small ultranationalist party. Avetisian in a recent newspaper interview alleged that there are as many as 50,000 "disguised" Jews in Armenia, and promised he would work to have them expelled from the country. He was arrested on 24 January on charges of inciting ethnic hatred.

    A Holocaust memorial in a public park in the center of Yerevan also came under attack in September, when vandals desecrated the memorial on the final day of Jewish New Year celebrations.

    Yet what shocked the Jewish community most was an interview with Hranush Kharatian, a prominent ethnologist who heads the Armenian government’s department on religious and minority affairs. Speaking to the “Golos Armenii” (Voice of Armenia) Russian-language newspaper a month after the memorial's desecration, Kharatian accused Jewish leaders of preaching extreme intolerance toward all non-Jews.

    In a recent interview with RFE/RL, Kharatian cited what she called the "aggressive ideology" contained in the Talmud, the book of Jewish religious laws. “I see in the Talmud numerous points which clearly state that non-Jews, or infidels that are not Jews, are not human beings and are animals,” she said.

    Varzhapetian and other community leaders, including Chief Rabbi Gersh Meir Burshtein, met last month with Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian to ask for help in addressing the problem. A ministry spokesperson, however, said last week the issue is not sufficiently serious to warrant government attention.

    Mikael Danielian heads the Armenian Helsinki Association, a human rights group that closely monitors anti-Semitic activity in the country. He criticized the government's failure to address the issue. “I am surprised at the serenity of our state officials," he told RFE/RL. "It could have very serious consequences for Armenia."

    Armenia's Jewish community is estimated to number less than 1,000 people. It is largely formed of scientists and other professionals who moved to Armenia in the 1960s and '70s to escape persecution in Russia and Ukraine. Most integrated quickly into society, marrying ethnic Armenians and adopting Armenian surnames.

    Until recently, anti-Semitic sentiment in Armenia was limited to occasional allegations by nationalist scholars that Jews had aided the 1915 genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey. The theory -- which is not supported by historical evidence -- was first aired during the presentation of an anti-Semitic book at a 2003 meeting of the Armenian Writers Union. No one in the audience condemned the text.

    A global report on anti-Semitism issued this month by the U.S. State Department dedicates just three paragraphs to Armenia. But that was sufficient to unleash a fresh wave of anti-Jewish criticism. ALM's Karapetian, who was cited by name in the U.S. study, responded with a two-hour televised monologue lambasting the United States and the contents of the report.

    Several days later, Karapetian received an unexpected phone call during an ALM broadcast. An Armenian woman living in Israel criticized his sweeping bias against Jews, but was quickly cut off by the broadcaster.

    "If someone has offended you personally, or if you have problems with your business, it doesn't mean you should hold an entire nation responsible," the woman said in Russian. “Stop asking hysterical questions on air," Karpetian replied. "Shut up and listen to me. You say it’s inadmissible to say ‘Jewish tricks.' But is it permissible to spit at a priest?”

    Karapetian was referring to two recent incidents in Jerusalem in which Jewish religious students spat at Armenian priests in a show of their contempt for their Christian faith. The Armenian Apostolic Church has had a presence in Jersualem's Old City for centuries.

    The incidents have been cited repeatedly in Armenia as supporting claims of anti-Semitism. But Varzhapetian said Armenia's Jews are still hoping not only the government but also civil society will take steps to stem the rising hatred.

    “We are still awaiting a statement [of protest] from prominent Armenians. Armenians themselves must express indignation. First of all, because there are very few of us [in Armenia]. Secondly, protecting ourselves is not quite appropriate,” Varzhapetian said.

    Varzhapetian and other community leaders sent an open letter to President Robert Kocharian urging an end to the government's "conspicuous failure to see those inciting anti-Semitism." But the only response to date has been a statement by a cabinet minister saying ethnic and religious discrimination does not exist in Armenia.

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    Torchlight procession of the youth dedicated to the 88 anniversary of the Genocide of the Armenians in the Osman Empire was held yesterday evening in Yerevan. The emphatic procession spread along the streets of the downtown. Members of the youth wing of ARFD (Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun) burned up publicly the Turkish flag at the Matenadaran (depository of ancient manuscripts – M. D.) and with torches lit by its fire made for the Tsiternakaberd” (site of the monument dedicated to the Armenian Genocide). This is the signature below the photo in the front page of the Russian-language newspaper “Novoje Vremja” (editor Ruben Satyan) on April 24, 2003 with 5 000 printing copies in Yerevan. The author of the signature below the photo lied – the flag is not Turkish. The star of David is related neither to the present-day Turkey nor the Osman Empire, where more that 1,5 million Armenians were massacred. The text, in its turn, is full of the sense of dignity for this sort of “youth”, whose actions can be compared with torchlight processions of the Nazis. And this happens for the second year in a row.
    According to the Chairman of the Armenian Jewish Community, Rima Varjapetyan-Feller, an unknown person drew swastika on the door-plate of the Community office situated right in the Center of Yerevan. Swastika was also drawn on the memorial stone dedicated the victims of the Holocaust. But this time vandals weren't satisfied with swastika only. In 1999, just three weeks after the official opening of the monument, the stone was stolen. The case didn't receive publicity and fairly soon a new stone was put instead. The initiation of a criminal case produced no results. In 2002 the stone was taken off while 12 trees, which surrounded it as a symbol of 12 Israeli descents were chopped down. This time the customers and the executors – Yerevan city hall and the owner of just another restaurant opened on the site of the memorial, are known, but, of course, not punished. During the meeting of R. Varjapetyan-Feller with the general city architect the latter insisted that this was not a political action but a «commonplace casus». Foreign Minister of Armenia, Vardan Voskanyan, commented on the incident as neither anti-Semitism, nor vandalism, but mere negligence. By the way, this comment coincides with that of the adviser to President on National Minorities and NGO-s issues, Razmik Davoyan, who said: “This procession conducted by the youth shouldn’t be perceived as a manifestation of anti-Jewish sentiment, but simply as illiteracy”. Well, young people – illiterate people, but hadn’t been their senior comrades informed in advance about the upcoming Sabbath? Sure they had. Moreover, they sanctioned this “undertaking” for we shouldn’t forget that the national-socialist party ARFD is presently one of the two ruling parties in Armenia.
    In February the presentation of a book entitled “National Systems” written by Romen Episkoposyan was held. The chapter 8.6 of it entitled “Killer Nation” begins with the following words: “There are two nations in the present-day world, which bear evil in the most concentrated and aggressive way. These are the Jews – nation of demolition with a mission to demolish and decompose, and the Turks – killer nation with a mission to destroy and suppress (page 127). The teachers who were present at the gathering are satisfied: “Finally there is a book we can make use of to bring up younger generations”.
    Now it is neither “negligence” nor “illiteracy”. It is already a rise of ideology.

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    A book, titled "National System," published in Yerevan identifies Jews and Turks as the greatest enemies of Armenians and "the carriers of evil in a most concentrated and aggressive form." Written by Romen Yepiskoposyan and printed in Armenian and Russian, the book denies the existence of gas chambers and calls the Holocaust "the greatest falsification of the twentieth century." The head of Armenia's Jewish community, Mrs. Rimma Varzhapetyan, attended the presentation of the book on February 8 in the building of the Union of Writers of Armenia. When she introduced herself, people in the audience shouted that Jews were guilty of the Armenian genocide in 1915.

    “National System” by Romen Yepiskoposyanis a book published and on sale in Armenia which identifies Jews and Turks as the leading enemies of the Armenian nation. According to the ‘National System’ the Holocaust is a myth, which was created by the Zionists. The leader of Armenian Jewry at the 9 February gathering said, they are going to meet with Armenian President about the rising anti-Semitism in Armenia, yet the officials made no statement about the book and the anti-Semitic movements in the country.

    Antisemitic Book Presented in Armenia; Jewish Leader Heckled

    Yerevan, a book entitled “National System” by Romen Yepiskoposyan, printed in Armenian and Russian, was presented at the Union of Writers of Armenia, according to Artak Varzhapetyan, head of international relations at the Jewish Community of Armenia. The author of the book identifies Jews and Turks as the No. 1 enemies of Armenians, writing that:

    “In the contemporary world there are two nations that are the carriers of evil of the most concentrated and aggressive type. These are the Jews – the nation-destroyer with a mission of destruction and decomposition, and the Turks – the nation-killer with a mission of devastation and crushing.”

    A section in the book entitled “The Greatest Falsification of the 20th Century” denies the Holocaust, claiming that it is a myth created by Zionists to discredit “Arians.”:

    “The greatest falsification in human history is the myth of Holocaust. …no one was killed in gas chambers. There were no gas chambers.”

    A speaker at the event called for the book to be distributed in schools in order to “develop a national idea and understanding of history.”

    The President of the Jewish Community of Armenia—Mrs. Rimma Varzhapetyan—was at the presentation, and when she introduced herself to the audience, many people in attendance shouted that Jews are to blame for the Armenian genocide of 1916 in Turkey and that they are enemies.

    Mrs. Varzhapetyan responded that the book is totally absurd and a falsification of historical and contemporary facts. She sharply reminded the audience how many things Jews and especially she herself have done for Armenia—the answer from the audience was that there are some good Jews.

    Mr. Varzhapetyan told UCSJ that: “In the beginning of next week we, the Jewish Community of Armenia, are going to meet the President of the Republic of Armenia to ask for a reaction against such actions.”

    NEW BOOK CLAIMS JEWS AND TURKS ARE THE GREATEST ENEMIES OF ARMENIANS. A book, titled "National System," published in Yerevan identifies Jews and Turks as the greatest enemies of Armenians and "the carriers of evil in a most concentrated and aggressive form." Written by Romen Yepiskoposyan and printed in Armenian and Russian, the book denies the existence of gas chambers and calls the Holocaust "the greatest falsification of the twentieth century." The head of Armenia's Jewish community, Mrs. Rimma Varzhapetyan, attended the presentation of the book on February 8 in the building of the Union of Writers of Armenia. When she introduced herself, people in the audience shouted that Jews were guilty of the Armenian genocide in 1915.

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    More than 3000 Mountain Jews were killed by Armenians during 1918-1919"

    Day.Az presents exclusive interview with Rovshan Mustafayev, the Director of the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Science.

    Mr Mustafayev, the facts of Jews' genocide committed by Armenians in Guba region were annonced today within a framework of round table orginized by you. Tell our readers what was the point of origin for such researches?

    Recently the representatives of Mountain Jews community appealed to our Institute and told us about tragic events which took place during 1918-1919 in Guba city. According to them during those years there were mass killings of Mountain Jews committed by Armenian bandits.

    Semen Ikhiilov, Head of Mountain Jews' community, writes to the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Scince: "In 1980s I discovered uknown facts regarding to mass killings of Jews during the period of Azerbaijanis' genocide in 1918-1919. According to the witnesses and some documents, together with Azerbaijanis more than 3000 Jews were killed. For the moment we identified 87 names. Each year on March 31st, on the day of Azerbaijanis' genocide of 1918-1919, special requiem prayers for 87 killed Jewish children, women and men are being read in the synagogues. We continue the researches of other places of mass burial in the regions of our Motherland, Azerbaijan. This letter is accompanied with the list of victims, who were killed by monsters on 19th Iyar, 5679, in Guba city," the letter says.

    Moreover, you can find in archives facts that during those times the Jewish problem was presented as the Tat problem, without a national identity. That's why it was a problem of genocide committed by Armenians against the Tat ethnic group of Azerbaijan.

    After we received the message from Jewish community the experts group was created for working with archives. We discovered this mass killings were committed by group headed by Amazasp under Stepan Shaumian's command.

    All the materials were collected by scintillas. But even though the information content is not so wide we can still receive faithful image of murderous deeds committed by Armenians against Mountain Jews, Lezghins, Azerbaijanis during those years in Guba.

    But what was a reason of killing Mountain Jews by Armenians?

    Jews just rejected proposal to join the Dashnak's brigade against the Muslim population and tried to prevent a bloodshed. But Jewish envoy was brutally killed by the Amazasp's brigade and the mass killings were started.

    How many persons killed by Armenians thugs were identified?

    - For the moment we were able to identify 87 names. Moreover, we have numerous reports from Mountain Jews about their relatives being killed by Armenians and we are working on them.

    There will be a stele erected by Mountain Jews in memory of the victims and the names will be written there. That's why the complete identification is needed.

    And how the mass killings were commited during the Holocaust, in Babiy Yar, Hojaly, Hatyn...? Recently we received a letter from the Azerbaijan's Georgian Jews Community offering their help in restoring historical truth.

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    James R. Russell states:
    “The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnakts'ut'iun) in America at the same time praised German fascism and Nazi anti-Semitism and racial persecution in its newspaper, Hayrenik; and sponsored the Ts'eghakron, or "Race-Worship" society for young Armenians. General Drastamat ("Dro") Kanayan and Garegin Nzhdeh, both Dashnak heroes today, commanded units in Hitler's army through the war.”

    General Dro comanded the 812th Armenian Nazi Battalian

    "...Nevertheless there remains the incontestable fact that relations between the Nazis and Daschnaks living in occupied areas were close and active. On 30 december 1941 an Armenian batallion was created by a decision of the Wehrmacht, known as the Armenian 812th Battalion. It was commanded by Dro, and was made up of a small number of committed recruits, and a larger number of Armenians from the prisoners of war taken by the Nazis in their sweep eastwards. Early on the total number was 8000; this number later grew to 20,000. The 812 th Batallion was operational in the Crimea and the North Caucasus. A year later, on 15 December 1942, an Armenian National Council was granted official recognition by Alfred Rosenberg, the German minister of the occupied areas. The Council president was Professor Ardasher Abeghian, its vice-president Abraham Guilkhandanian and it numbered among its members Nzhdeh and Vahan Papazian. From that date until thje end of 1944 it published a weekly journal, Armenian, edited by Viken Shantn (the son of Levon) who also broadcast on Radio Berlin...
    Hence it was important to prove to the Nazis that the Armenians were Aryans. With the aid of Dr. Paul Rohrbach they seem to have achieved this. The Nazis did not persecute Armenians, just for being Armenians, in the occupied lands..."

    The preceding is from Christopher J. Walker's "Armenia —The Survival of a Nation," page 357, para 2.

    "Above: Armenians in Paul [Leverkuen's] staff visit Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Paul Goebbels before returning to Middle East to spread Nazi propaganda from [base] at [Adana]"

    Armenian Nazi Battalions

    Yet another historical fact: a fact that for years has been deliberately forgotten, concealed, and wiped from memory - the fact of Armenian-Nazi collaboration.

    A magazine called Mitteilungsblatt der Deutsch-Armenischen Gesselschaft is the clearest and most definite proof of this collaboration. The magazine was first published in Berlin in 1938 during Nazi rule of Germany and continued publication until the end of 1944. Even the name of the magazine, which implies a declaration of Armenian-Nazi cooperation, is attention getting.

    This magazine, every issue of which proves the collaboration, is historically important as documentary evidence. It is a heap of writing that should be an admonition to world opinion and to all mankind.

    To give specific examples of actions:

    In May 1935 the Armenians of Bucharest attacked the Jews of that city, while the Greeks of Salonika attacked the Jews in the August of the same year. During World War II, Armenian volunteers, under the wings of Hitler's Germany, were used in rounding up Jews and other ''undesirables'' destined for the Nazi concentration camps. The Armenians also published a German-language magazine, with fascist and anti-Semitic tendencies, supporting Nazi doctrines directed to the extermination of 'inferior' races .1

    This is confirmed by Armenophil Christopher J. Walker, who admits that the Armenians collaborated with the Nazis. According to him, members of the Dashnak Party, then living in the occupied areas, including a number of prominent persons, entertained pro-Axis sympathies. A report in an American magazine went so far as to claim that the Nazis had picked on the Dashnaktsutiun to do fifth-column work, promising the party an autonomous state for its cooperation. Walker goes on to claim that relations between the Nazis and the Dashnaks living in the occupied areas were close and active. On 30 December 1941 an Armenian battalion was formed by a decision of the Army Command (Wehrmacht), known as the 'Armenian 812th Battalion'. It was commanded by Dro, and was made up of a small number of committed recruits, and a larger number of Armenians. Early on, the total number of recruits was 8,000; this number later grew to 30,000. The 812th Battalion was operational in Crimea and the North Caucasus (These are the dates and numbers given by Walker).

    A year later, on 15 December 1942, an Armenian National Council was granted official recognition by Alfred Rosenberg, the German Minister of the occupied areas. The Council's president was Professor Ardashes Abeghian, its vice-president Abraham Giulkhandanian, and it numbered among its members Nzhdeh and Vahan Papazian. From that date until the end of 1944 it published a weekly journal, Armenien, edited by Viken Shant (the son of Levon), who also broadcast on Radio Berlin. The whole idea was to prove to the Germans that the Armenians were 'Aryans'. With the aid of Dr. Paul Rohrbach they seemed to have achieved this as the Nazis did not persecute the Armenians in the occupied lands.2 Armenophil C. J. Walker, in his book "Armenia" also admits: "Members of the Dashnak party living in the occupied areas, including a number of names famous from the period of the republic, adopted a pro-Nazi stance."2

    An American Armenian John Roy Carlson also admits openly that "Wholly opportunistic the Armenians have been variously pro-Nazi, pro-Russia, pro-Soviet Armenia, pro-Arab, pro-Jewish, as well as anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist, anti-Communist, and anti-Soviet - whichever was expedient."3


    1 - Turkkaya Ataov, Armenian Extermination of the Jews and Muslims, 1984, p. 91.
    2 - Walker, C. J., Armenia, London, 1980, pp. 356-8.

    More info here

    Armenian Nazi's proud of this fact. If you understand Russian just have a look around Russian script sites and see hundreds of other examples for yourselves.

    Even English speaking sites like STORMFRONT

    These guys are really proud of this part of their history.

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    The Armenian-Nazi Collaboration in WW II

    By: Ayhan Ozer

    To validate a spurious genocide allegations, the Armenians curry favor with the Jewish people, and manipulate the Holocaust tragedy to gain some undeserved recognition from this uniquely Jewish experience. Historical evidences point to a devious Armenian collusion with Hitler to exterminate the Jews during WW II. Today, no matter how much the Armenians try to conceal this heinous episode from the public knowledge the Armenian conspiracy with Hitler is in the history books-- indelibly. Soon it will be in the public conscience too.

    In early 1930s, when Hitler ascended to power, he began cultivating the Armenians to use their long-standing and strong anti-semitic feelings in his plans and policy. The Armenians, through their publications, radio broadcasts and meetings supported and cheered the Nazis on their attacks on Jews. Alfred Rosenberg, who was to become later Hitler's Minister of the Occupied Territories, declared that the Armenians were Indo-European, or Aryans, which honored them and put them in the same league with the Nazis. In Hitler's foreign policy the Armenians fitted very nicely too. Hitler's future invasion plans of Russia provided a golden opportunity for the Armenians to liberate what they considered to be "Historic Armenia" from the Soviet as well as the Turkish rule.

    The short-lived Armenian Republic established in 1918 in the southern Caucasus by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (TheDashnaks) was conquered by the Russian Bolsheviks in 1920, and ceased to exist. This time, the Dashnaks saw a good opportunity in the collaboration with the Nazis to regain those territories. To that end, on December 30, 1941 they formed a battalion of 8,000-strong known as the "812th Armenian Battalion of Wehrmacht" under the command of Dro (Drastamat Kanayan), a seasoned guerilla leader who had fought against the Turks in the Eastern Turkey before and during the Turkish War of Independence following World War I. Later, he became the supreme commandant of the Armenian army in the short lived Armenian Republic, and in 1920-1921 he organized a wide-spread genocide against the Azeri and the Turkish populations in the region. This is documented in the book World Alive by the U.S. Naval officier Robert Steed Dunn who was an eye-witness to those Armenian atrocities. Lieutenant Dunn was the Intelligence officier of Rear Admiral Mark L. Bristol, the American High-Commissioner in the region and also a de facto American Ambassador in Turkey. Between 1919-1921 lieutenant Dunn travelled extensively with Dro and his army in the region, and both made several contacts with the Russian Bolsheviks, the Turkish and the Armenian National forces. With this historical perspective, this new task assigned to Dro by the Nazi leadership after a quarter of century later seemed to be a break to fulfill his dream of conquest.

    This alliance alarmed Turkey and the Turkish Jews. The British Ambassador in Ankara reported to London that "The Armenians [in Turkey] are extremely fruitful ground for German activities, and these non-Muslim elements with their pre-Kemalist [i.e. Ottoman period] mentality are always viewed with mistrust by the Turkish authorities."

    (Public Record Office, Foreign Office document: F.O 371/ 30031/ R5337)

    This infamous 812th Battalion later developed into a so-called "Armenian Legion" of 20,000-strong with the efforts of Alfred Muradian, a German-Armenian, and by Armik Jamalian, the son of the Arshak Jamalian, the Foreign Minister of the short-lived Armenian Republic. The troops of this Legion were trained and led by the SS and its Security Division S.D., and they joined the Nazi Einsatz Gruppen in the invasion of the Crimea and the North Caucasus. These Armenian Battalions rendered valuable services to the Nazis as police units for internal security duties in the occupied territories. It was their duties to round up the Jews and the other "undesirable" elements, and organize the death marches to the concentration camps.

    Pursuing those familiar utopic dreams, and shrewdly manipulated by the Nazis, the Armenians foolishly tied their lot to Hitler, and praised him lavishly in the Armenian-language daily Hairenik on September 17, 1936:

    "... and came [to power] Adolph Hitler after herculean struggles. He spoke to the racial heart strings of the German, opened the fountain of his national genius..."

    Then, in August 19, 1936 the same daily Hairenik published the following:

    "Sometimes it is difficult to eradicate these poisonous elements (the Jews) when they have struck deep root like a chronic disease, and when it becomes necessary for a people (the Nazis) to eradicate them in an uncommon method these attempts are regarded as revolutionary. During a surgical operation the flow of blood is a natural thing. Under such conditions dictatorship seems to have the role of a savior."

    The daily Hairenik dated August 20 exposed the following bigotry:

    "Jews being the most fanatical nationalists and race-worshippers, are compelled to create an atmosphere of internationalism and world-citizenship in order to preserve their race. As the British use battleships to occupy lands, the Jews use internationalism or communism as a weapon..."

    The September 25, 1936, Hairenik Weekly, an English language organ of the Armenians (edited in Boston) denounced Zionist aims, and adopted a strong anti-Jewish and pro-Arab view, and printed the following:

    ".. the type of Jews who are imported to Palestine is not anything to be proud about. Their loose morals, and their vices... and on top of all, their communist activities were the cause of most of the Arab criticism."

    The August 9, 1935 issue of the Hairenik Weekly published a vitriol about "the Jewish controlled film industry", then ascribed the massacres of the Jews by the Greeks and Armenians in Salonica to the Jewish love of gain.

    The May 10, 1935 issue of the Hairenik Weekly quoted the vice-Mayor of Bucharest, Romania as saying: "The Armenians have helped us Romanians not to become slaves of the Jewish elements." Romania was one of the foremost anti-Semitic country where the hatred for the Jews reached hyperbolic dimensions.

    Starting in the summer of 1942, a twenty-five years old Armenian by the name Suren Begzadian Paikhar organized and led the Armenian National Socialist (Nazi) movement called Hossank (Lightening), which gained a considerable following among Armenian youth in German-occupied Europe and to some degree in Turkey too. On December 15, 1942, these Armenian-Nazis and their supporters in Germany coalesced into the Armenian National Council under the direction of professor Ardeshir Abegian, and the vice-president Abraham Chulkandanian, and several old Dashnak guerillas, like Vahan Papazian and Karakin Nezhdeh, who were the veterans of the Turkish wars in the Eastern Anatolia after the World War I. Blessed by Alfred Rosenberg, this organization spew forth anti-Semitic and racist vituperations through the broadcasts of the Radio Berlin, and their weekly journal Armenian, published until the end of 1944, and edited by Viken Shant, son of the another well-known Dashnak leader Levon Shant. Suren Begzadian Paikhar and some Hossank followers worked as commentators/ announcers in the French and Armenian radio services of the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda under Goebbels. In those programs Paikhar was usually introduced as the Fuhrer of the Armenian people. (Patrik von zur Muhlen, Zwischen Hakenkreuz und Sowjetstern - Dusseldorf, Droste, 1971, pp. 105-106)

    The Armenian general Karekin Nezhdeh also founded the racist Armenian Tseghagron movement, through which the Armenian youths flocked to the SS and the other elite Nazi military forces. (Karekin Nazhdeh by James Mandalian - The Armenian Review I, 1958)

    Other Armenians living in France and Germany joined the 58th Panzer Corps, and the Ostlegion of the Wehrmacht's 19th Army, based in Lyon, France. The Dashnaks and the Hossank Armenian-Nazis worked closely with Admiral Canaris, who was the chief of the the German Military Intelligence (Abwehr), and his principal agent Hans Pickenbrock, the chief of the Branch No: 1, who was in charge of spying to obtain military information, as well as with Dr. Paul Leverkuhn, a key agent in Istanbul and the Director of the Istanbul Substation (KO-Nebenstelle) of the "War Organization Middle East" (Kriegsorganisation Naher Osten) from July 1941 until August 1944. This organization administered a major Nazi intelligence network, not only in Turkey but throughout the Middle East. The Armenian nationalists actively worked in those Nazi organizations to hunt down the Jews, and cooperated with Reichspropagandaleiter in spreading the Nazi propaganda in Turkey and in the Middle East. In these efforts they enlisted the support of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was a close ally of Hitler.

    During the early years of World War II, Germany was sweeping through the Western Europe, and all the prognosis for the outcome of the war were in favor of Germany. As the Armenian ethics always dictate fawning on the victor, they calculated -or, miscalculated- that it was about time to commit themselves entirely to Hitler's victory. They summarily formed a "provisional" Armenian government as a dress rehearsal for their soon-to-be-realized aspirations. However, in 1943 the fate of the war began shifting from Hitler to the Allies. The Armenians, the perennial political chameleons, summarily renounced their allegiance to Germany, and did an about-face, this time groveling before the Allies.

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    Guest is dedicated to Armenians and has a purpose to educate all Armenians around the world. Every one has a right to know what has happened to his nation in the past, what's happening now, and what will happen in the future. We have a right to know and recognize who are our real enemies and how they are fighting against the Aryan Race for many thousands of years. This is the struggle of the Armenian Aryans. It is the mission for the Armenian Nation to rise once again and create a pure blooded Aryan Society based on Tseghakron Ideology. It is our ideology that every race has its soul and every soul has its race. Whatever you do, you always have to strengthen your people and nation. We have to end the Zionist oppression on governments and stop organized Judo-Christian religion which has dominated Armenia and Europe for over two millennia and bought world to its most darkest era. We Armenians as the most pure blooded of the Aryan people and Armenia as the Aryan Homeland, must do what we can to succeed in our struggle because we are the root of all Aryans and it is up to us. Communism, Socialism, Liberalism and Democracy (all creations of Zionism) has dominated governments all over the world for many decades and centuries but failed on succeeding to make a better society for its people, but in just six years (1933-1939) the National Socialist party turned Germany from its verge of collapse into the best culturally and militarized country the world has ever seen. This power which we are trying to bring back to the Aryan Homeland, so we can become victorious once again. If this struggle does not prevail, then humanity is doomed. There will come a time where we will unite and fight back. This isn't the call of any human being, this is the call of Aryans and our Fatherland - Armenia.

    Long Live Armenia!

    This site has countless utter Anti-Semitic and Turcophobic nonsense and links to the "American Nazi Party", "Jew Watch", Hitler sites, Asala Terrorism etc etc


    AZG, ARAVOT and HAYKAKAN ZHAMANAK covered yesterday's press conference by Chairman of the Armenian-Aryan Union (AAU) Armen Avetisyan who stated that AAU is determined to counter the Jewish-Masonic intrusion into Armenia. According to him, their aggression began back in the 1900s and was marked by the Armenian Genocide. Armen Avetisyian reckoned that it was Jews who masterminded and ordered the Armenian Genocide. Avetisyan stated that the Jewish-Masonic mission is also being carried out now. Specifically, hundreds of foreign citizens are granted asylum and receive residential permits, whereas the number of Armenian citizens leaving their motherland is steadily increasing. Moreover, many
    high-ranking officials representing Armenia's political and business elite are Masons and act in the interests of Masonry. The AAU is especially indignant at Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Arthur Baghdasarian, who is a Masonic protégée being prepared to run for the Presidency in Armenia. The AAU leader claims that all the "Rotary Club" members are Masons as well. He pointed out that Chairman of the Nationalist Party of Armenia (NPA) Ruben Gevorgiants is also a Mason. Avetisyan found it difficult to say whether Armenian President Robert Kocharian is a Mason, noting that the Armenian leader only assumed certain commitments to them. Avetissian could not specify the way the AAU intends to counter the Jewish-Masonic aggression, pointing out that the press conference was a "cry of the Aryan soul." ARMINFO reported that after the press conference the news agency received a statement from the Front of Armenian Nationalists (FAN), which says that the parties "Armenian-Aryan Union," "Armenian-Aryan Fist," "Mashtots Union," and "United Alliance of National Forces of Abovian"
    have been expelled from FAN for violating its regulations. Therefore, the organization cannot bear responsibility for the activities and statement of the aforementioned forces.

    An article in HAYOTS ASHKHAR entitled "Religious Sects are Eating Armenia" discusses the activity of various sects and religious groups in the country.

    Foul Language : Party leader incites rights advocates with racist comments

    By Zhanna Alexanyan, ArmenianNow Reporter

    Bigoted comments by the leader of the Armenian Aryan Order, aimed mostly at Jews and Yezidies, sparked hot debate at a recent Council of Europe seminar.

    “National minorities, who can be a threat to Armenian statehood, must leave Armenia,” AAO president Armen Avetisyan said in Yerevan press. “Yazidies (a minority of Kurdish descent) can be a threat to the sovereignty of Armenia and become a tool in the hands of other countries. If the government does nоt assist us then in a very short period of time we will found party units in different regions and begin a struggle against them.” Avetisyan said his comments are supported by the Hay Dat and Tseghakron parties.

    There are about 49,000 Yezidies in Armenia. Avetisyan has aimed similar comments at Armenia’s small Jewish community, which makes up only about 300.

    The Armenian Aryan Order is a nationalistic order which seeks to preserve their interpretation of the pure Armenian lifestyle.

    The comments became a focus of “Rights of the National Minorities in Armenia 2003-2004”, attended by about 100 human rights advocates and others. Among those attending was Head of the Spiritual Council of Yezidies in Armenia Hasan Hasanyan who called on authorities to stifle bigotry.

    The Yezidie leader is also demanding a public apology from Avetisyan.

    “I don’t understand,” Hasanyan said. “No statements like that directed against national minorities have been made in Armenia before. Armenia is our home. Until now we have never demanded land and never raised a question concerning gaining autonomy.”

    Avetisyan took exception to the Yezidie’s claim of an Armenian homeland.

    “Let them live if they want, if they have no other place to live. But Armenia is Armenians’ home,” Avetisyan said. “Mesopotamia is their home.”

    Another representative of the Yezidi community Alikhan Shababyan was outraged that such a statement could come from an organization officially recognized by the Ministry of Justice.

    “If the organization is an officially registered unit and it makes calls for racial discrimination then it must be closed down as it is provided by law,” says Shababyan.

    Gersh Burshtein represents Armenia’s “Mordekhai Navi” Jewish community and told seminar delegates that anti-Semitism exists in Armenia.

    Burshtein says AAO must be censured for its position, before words incite action.

    “If years ago they were simply elements then today they turned into volatile statements,” he said. “They must be prevented before they turned into acts of violence.”

    According to head of the Department of Religion and National Minorities Hranush Kharatyan, Avetisyan’s statements are ideologically flawed and have no place in a country almost destroyed by racism.

    “The question of possible participation of Jews at the Genocide and the fact that Israel still keeps silence concerning the issue of Genocide deeply worries and disturb Armenian Aryans,” Kharatyan says. “It can worry Armenian people but before raising the question that problem should be analyzed first. For me this method (of public slander) is unacceptable and inexcusable.”

    Stepan Safaryan of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies said the attitude of AAO reflects the need for a law on national minorities.

    “The Order of Armenian Aryans is not interested in providing national minorities with rights. They are interested in political issues, and they clearly express their expectations saying why doesn’t the Jewish community of Armenia exert pressure on the government of Israel to revise its approach towards the issue of Genocide ?” says Safaryan.

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    If this is going to become another Armenia vs. Turkey thread, I'll start asking the admin to ban people.

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    Aryan Armenian organization? Armenian are onto something new here.....
    Mil - stands for the countless MILlions of reasons not to work.

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    Honestly, Turkey Vs Armenia isn't really an appropriate topic on this forum. Israel should not get dragged into that conflict, that's why the last thread was shut down...

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    I, personally, don't mind the info. I never was interested in the topic but now am seriously thinking of doing more serious reading on the subject - to at least make up my own mind. Especially given that both Turks and Armenians, at least judging by this forum, turn to the Jews for answers; otherwise why do we get the passionate discussions of the subject on IsraelForum, out of all places?

    I, personally, again don't want to interfere (I don't know anything and sentamitalies is a burden) but it's lots of interesting information especially given the quality of posters, both Turkish and Armenian, who visit this forum.
    Mil - stands for the countless MILlions of reasons not to work.

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    There is anti-semitism everywhere, it exists in Turkey, in Armenia, in Europe etc

    However, you don't find Turks hanging out on Neo-Nazi or Aryan White Supremacist forums claiming Nazi Generals to be National heroes.

    On another level, there is a small financed by outside group who posts around absolute nonsense and about Jews in Turkey.

    But I invite you to Turkish forum's, bring up the topic of Jews and Judeo-Turkish relations and you will recieve a great response. In adition the fact that Turks also have a Jewish history is not hidden and this period is one most are proud of.

    Infact usually once in a while the topic will come up for Turk states to form some union, religion always comes into the discussion if someone says it should be solely Muslim this is what is always bought up, what about the Gagauz or Chuvash (who are Christian) or the Kararite and Jewish community, even your religous Muslim Turks do not segregate them or try to treat them different and want to be together with them.

    Ofcourse still there are your foolish anti-Semites but your average Turk who has a brain and a decent education and understanding of history realises that being anti-Semitic is in a way hating a part of your own history (which luckily due to their proud selves they can't bare to do).


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    Anti-Semitism exists all over the world, and we Jews aren't surprised. Israel really doesn't need to get dragged into the Armenian conflict. But yet it's sad that relations with Turkey also restrict Israel's thoughts.

    I compare the Armenian & Turkish conflict o the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in that only the two nations involved must ultimately resolve the problems, as the world can show lits support but sometimes must sit back.

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    Assume Israel recognizes Armenian genocide, will it significantly damage relations with Turkey? if so, then it's sad that Israel must be caught up in the middle of foreign conflicts.

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    For me, all anti-semites have the same face, whether Russian, Armenian, Turkish, American, Palestinian, etc. I'd rather focus on the good relations between these people.

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