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Thread: IAF drone strikes refugee convoy; 15 reported dead or wounded

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    Wait, so let me get this straight. The IDF first tries to use the Lebanese army as a shield. When the Lebanese Army refuses to cooperate and leaves the IDF bombs it. It seems a little vindictive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magid
    hmm? what is hezbollah and just about every other terrorist organization about? you obviously dont know. they want the destruction of the jewish state, they think israel is arab land. it is legitamate land it has always been jewish land for more than 3,000 years. when did they dig tunnels? as far as im concerned hezbollah and hamas are the same thing. terrorists.

    correct me if i am wrong didnt this start when hamas came over and captured and killed some of our soldiers and nasrallah then stuck his dirty nose in, starting this war? what did you have to negotiate? the fact that we were defending our state and its people? also the way to negotiate is to capture soldiers and torture and nevergiv them back?

    we are holding terrorists, not pow. thats all you are is terrorist scum. we should let them go free so they can kill us again???!!

    you say why did idf do this why did idf do that, we react to your terrorism with force. you attack, we defend. what should we do? lay down? we can not help that we are much smarter and much stronger than you, and always will be. somtimes there are mistakes and wrong targets are hit. again, it would have never happened if it werent for radical islamic terrorists like hamas and hezbollah.
    apparently, u r an extremist... i wonder if u r allowed to use the computer today...

    u r not able to grasp that there is a difference between khizbullah (LEBANESE) and khamas (palestinian)....

    about the 3000 years... did u a signed statement by god? did god own the land in the first place to give it to u?

    how can i talk to god, perhaps he can get a small villa in monaco?

    i am the smartest in the world, but definitely, i am smarter than u r... no doubt about that.. just read ur post and find out how misinformed u r...


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