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Thread: Shooting at LAX

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    Shooting at LAX

    From Yahoo News:

    Two Dead in L.A. Airport Shooting
    Thu Jul 4, 3:40 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Gunfire erupted Thursday at the ticket counter of Israel's El Al airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport, killing two people, police said.

    With security on high alert around the country for a possible terrorist attack on July Fourth, the shooting occurred at midday. Police said a gunman approached someone at the Tom Bradley International Terminal and opened fire.

    One of the two killed was the gunman, said Alex Baez, a police spokesman.

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    From CNN:

    From news article:

    Federal and local authorities say it is too early to determine whether terrorism is to blame, and that the attack appears to be an isolated incident.

    "Isolated incident" like 9/11 was an "isolated incident."

    This act of Arab terrorism right here in America is yet another wake-up call for us, as Americans, that the Arabs and Islamists are conducting a Jihad war to the death against our U.S. institutions.

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    I heard it described as the first suicide shooter in America. Normally we have the Lone Crazed Gunman. But in an odd way I hope that statement was correct. It will finally become a real problem when it happens here.

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    I remember shaking my head when I heard that law officials referred to the incident as being isolated. Must be the same individuals that referred to the first case of Anthrax in Florida as an isolated incident.

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    Isolated eh? Anyone hear anything about the tel aviv to moscow flight reporting a ground to air missile just missing them? I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere but - which is always a lot more reliable then i expect it to be.

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    Gunman identified
    Authorities identified the gunman as 41-year-old Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, who originally was from Egypt but had been living in Irvine, California. Investigators were asking for the public's help in obtaining more information about the man.

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    Re: Gunman identified

    Originally posted by cerulean
    [B]"Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn added: "It appears this was an isolated incident." A Bush administration source concurred with that statement, adding that nothing suggested it was anything other than a criminal act."
    This is amazing! A man named Mohammed, shoots up ELAL people, and it's an "isolated incident"? It is indeed a criminal act, which is exactly what terrorism is. They just simply don't get it, do they!

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    I think the way this guy acted suggests some sort of training, but by whom?

    Here is a chronology of attacks on El Al, including several attacks right in the airports.

    I found this article interesting:
    New Ben-Gurion security would have prevented LA shooting

    By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Ha'aretz Correspondent

    The gunman who carried out the shooting attack at Los Angeles airport on Thursday took full advantage of the current security procedures at the airport, which allow anyone to accompany passengers right up to the security check counter.

    Had the attack taken place in Israel, the gunman would not have been allowed to enter the sterile area inside the departures terminal, because of the new security system implemented at Ben-Gurion Airport just days ago.

    But if this gunman had bought a ticket previously, would the Ben-Gurion Airport procedures have stopped him?

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    Surface to air missile report

    As redcake mentioned above:
    06:27 Jul-05-02, 25 Tammuz 5762
    El Al Pilot Reported Missile Explosion Next to Plane
    ( An El Al pilot reported what appeared to be a surface-to-air missile exploding next to a flight. The plane was heading from Tel Aviv to Russia. The flight landed without incident in Moscow.

    El Al officials reported with certainty the plane was not in military airspace, but in a regular international commercial lane.

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    If the El-Al flight near Moscow was downed (g'd forbid) they still would say it was not a terrorist attack.

    Do you know how many things have happened that make me seriously wonder if the US and other governements aren't covering things up. I will name a few 'incidents'

    -Downing of a Tupolev with a SAM (real strange not, specially if you know the type of missile they say the plane was shot down with

    - Djerba, allright, know it has been termed a terror attack, but for weeks it was just 'an incident'.

    - The crash 2 months after 9-11 over New York. Never heard something of it since.

    - The things that happened yesterday..

    I could go on a bit more, but i think you get the point

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    Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that plane crash incident 2 months after 9-11.

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    bit of info on shooter
    LA Airport shooter was quiet, but touchy about flag display

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    Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, a 41-year-old Arab living in California, sent his wife and 2 children home to Egypt right before this terror attack.

    One of the Israeli victims was not so lucky. His pregnant wife and 8 children were left fatherless by the Arab terror attack.

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    As for the crash in New York 2 months after Sept. 11th, it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a piece of the rudder that is prone to falling off fell off (amazing, isnt it), the plane lost control and crashed.

    The US Government issued a warning 20 years ago about this particular part, but it would cost $$ to fix it, and the government merely issued a warning, not an order to fix the problem, so the airlines ignored it. After the investigation the government ordered Boeing to fix everyone one of its 747s (the plane with the problematic rudder part).

    Which is one reason I only fly 737 or smaller. Those 777s are a bit too big for me, for Pete's sake they are the size of a small skyscraper almost...

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