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    Forum Policy

    We wanted to repeat some basic guidelines and leave them here for you, for easy reference. For this reason, please note that you will not be able to post messages in this discussion. It is a "read-only" post and applies to all members of our community, including forum moderators.

    • We realize that we are dealing with a topic that can be very emotional for some people.

      We have no desire to censor valuable content.

      We have no desire to impose our views on others.

      Everyone has the right to express his/her opinion, regardless of how vehemently some may disagree with their views. However, common courtesy is required.

      Also, please keep in mind the purpose of this forum, as stated in our About Us page. We will not provide a platform for publishing blatant anti-Israeli propaganda.

    To provide a pleasant online community experience for all our members, we have set some "rules of the road":

    • Personal attacks are not allowed.

      Ethnic slurs and insults are not allowed.

      The posting of copyright-protected content is not allowed, unless you are the copyright holder.

      Posting ads is not allowed.

      Religious bashing is not allowed.

      Obscenity is not allowed.

      Missionary or other religious activity is not allowed.

      All messages must be written in English, please.

      Complaints regarding violations of IsraelForum's Rules of the Road should be directed to the moderators using the "Report this post to a moderator" link.

      Cross-posting (posting the same content to multiple threads, or repeatedly in a single thread) is not allowed, because it is considered spamming, especially in the case of large chunks of text.

      Sending the same private message (PM) or email to multiple recipients, is not allowed. This, too, is considered spamming.

      Signatures cannot personally target other members.

      Any other action which is intended to cause harm to the forum or undermine the authority of its moderators, is not allowed.

      Notes for New Members:

      New members must first participate in a few existing discussions BEFORE starting new threads. This way, new members will be able to become more familiar with the conventions of this forum and to contribute in a positive way.

    Messages that violate these "rules of the road" will be removed by our staff or edited without further comment.

    Remember, this forum is for the benefit of our entire community, which is comprised of people of all ages and backgrounds.

    We're trying to be very minimal in our restrictions, because, after all, we're all just here to have fun.


    - Management
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