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Thread: Another Arab terrorist attack - Aug-8-02

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    Another Arab terrorism attack - Aug-8-02

    More victims were reported tonight of yet another murderous Arab attack on Israeli civilians.

    On the night of Aug 8, at least 2 Palestinians infiltrated an Israeli suburb called Mechora and started to systematically murder Jewish women and children.

    At the same time, Israel was considering steps to raise the quality of life of the Palestinian people by easing restrictions designed exactly to prevent terrorist infiltrations like this one.

    In the past few days, Israel has also offered to withdraw its troops completely from Arab squatter towns, on the condition that the Palestinians stop launching terrorist attacks from the towns that would be vacated by Israel.

    This latest attack is yet another reminder of how silly it would be to hand out prizes to the Palestinians while they continue to massacre Israeli women and children.

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    I am David
    WHAT?????????!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!i thought there was recently!!! how many are dead? did they catch the ****ing ****er or no?

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