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Thread: HR 1955 Serves Planned Malthusian Collapse

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    HR 1955 Serves Planned Malthusian Collapse

    The original 26-minute long version is here:

    I explain the matter briefly in this video, omitting a good deal of what I wanted to say, as YouTube allows a 10-minute max:

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    Please see the video on YouTube entitled: "Alex Jones Interviews David Mayer de Rothschild Part 2 of 5."

    Pay strict attention to what Jones says about Princes Philip and Bernhard and the World Wildlife Fund at about 2 minutes, 50 seconds into the interview.

    Isn't it interesting that Rothschild is so interested in "ecology" too?

    Ecology, for these folks, means culling the world's population by 80%.


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    Cage match:

    Malthus vs Hobbes?

    I say 3 to 1, Hobbes.

    Run off...

    Locke vs Kant.

    I say 2:1 Kant

    Were Kant vs Hobbes, I take Hobbes.

    Now if Adam Smith comes out of retirement we have an old fashion Scottish-English trowdown. Really who needs the UFC or the Olympics. Combat philosophy is the only reasonable sport.

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