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Thread: Do you think there's even one?

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    Do you think there's even one?

    Do you think there's even *one* judge in Israel who possesses the courage, conviction and dedication of this Greek judge to justice?

    But let's keep tellling ourselves how morally and spiritually superior we are to the "Goyim" in every way.


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    The Hellenes are captivated by Beauty, the Jews by Justice. Big f-ng difference if you ask me.

    Like "everything has it's place and there's a place for everything" or somewhere in a mythological realm all things are experienced and treasured vs if you don't stop buggering my cousin I'll sink your camel into the abyss, or if you mix those kinds again I'll cut of your index finger right off in front of your grandmother.

    Our system works. Repeatedly. It's like Skinner/Pavlov vs Freud/Marx, for all of Freudian and Marxist hopes and dreams, psychology was built on electrified dogs and communism [aka collectivism] on jail terms and last cigarettes, ala blindfold.

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