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    little help

    I was on another danish forum discussin the gaza confilict, and I dont now how to best respond to the following.. I used google to translate so there might be errors..

    quote:as I wrote initially there is no good or evil in this conflict because both sides are using indelicate ways and hide behind innocent or strong allies

    I didden't write that england gave Israel to the Jews, it was decided in the UN, but lurk me about the U.S. had a finger in the game along with the other former allies, while those opposed funny enough all belonged to the Middle Eastern countries

    The large Jewish population in Palestine came as a result of that England took control of the country after 1 World War. the country was conquered by a Turkish sultan. Britain's Foreign Secretary Arthur J. Balfour promised the Jews a national home in Palestine in 1917 in the hope that the U.S. would participate more in the war. in 1922 there is migrating and invading resident to75,000 Jews aginst 600,000 Arabs. in 1931 they were as high as 175,000, but after 1933, the Hitler regime gets things rolling, and in 1939 there were 400,000 Jews in Palestine.
    They came as strangers, but was supported by the British regime there and bought this way alot of land for their kibutzes and refused ratify the peasants who lived by cultivating the land, as only Jews had to work in kibutz.

    I have my sources from the history books as I do now when I am now a historian, and one can not deny the Palestinians' anger over a Western country suddenly seems an abundance of immigrants wade into a poor war-torn country with their money and buy all the land so Arabs had nothing is understandable

    It must be said that England saw the impending disaster and tried to limit immigration of Jews during the 2 World War II, but since the war was over, and much sympathy was that Jews should have a state like a plaster on the wound and world pressure resulted in a UN vote in 1947 33 countries voted in favor, 13 against, 10 abstained in England as the only Western country

    Thus, the Jewish population resulting from a Western control of the area and created artificial immigration, added that immigrants have funds available as the local does not hold and thus take the bread out of the mouth of the local population. summa sumarum is that the Jews had no NATURAL population generated in Palestine and therefore does not have more right to it than the Palestinians

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    I agree that the last 10 years are legally sympathies to the Jews advantage, but if the Germans still had occupied Denmark, it woulden't just be our grandparents who did not like the Germans. because the Jews will remain there, inherited past injustice and anger over the same right up to our days.
    Today Isreal existed so long that you can not afford to throw them out and Palestine must learn to live with that and try to come to terms with their neighbors, but the Jews must stop believing that they can treat Palestinians as ignorant people during . They are probably a rich country middle of a very poor and they should treat their fellow human beings with the respect they would have towards their own.
    It is difficult when the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world wants Israel to where the pepper grows, but all the more so should Israel go for a defensive policy.

    If you'd like examples of Jewish war crimes after World Wars, I can cite the massacre in the town of Deir Jassin 9-10 April 1948 which resulted in 300,000 Palestinians fled Israel, a further 400,000 fled during the next war and was not allowed to return since the war was over.
    Jews were no worse to integrate the Palestinians in their new state as Jewish schools and create adverse kibutzsystems were only for Jews and thus became the Palestinians in Israel (those remaining) discriminated against and their social conditions were worse and worse.
    The Jewish settlements in the West Bank is also one of the modern evidence that Israel acts as it suits them, here they simply drove the Palestinians away from their homes and said it is now ours. if not imperialism so I do not know what. and if the U.S. didden't held the hand of Israel, so many of their leaders be tried in a criminal court.

    Hamas has destroyed much of the Palestinian image and justice, their methods and policies are purely unacceptable, but if Palestine were carried out under a real banner, I would support them 100% in the struggle against Israel's discrimination.
    With a real banner, I mean a government that would recognized the existence of Israel on condition that Israel stop discrimination and oppression of its Palaearctic clarify in Israel and that Israel allowed the return of Palestinians still live in inhumane refugee camps return to their homes.
    I know it is utopia at a high level, but it would be the best solution in my eyes :end quote:

    was the massacre mentioned true ?

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