It's now public knowledge that Israel and Syria have been involved in peace negotiations brokered by Turkey.

Today, the Syrian foreign minister announced that the Olmert government has agreed to cede all of the Golan Heights to Syria, which will mean that Syria will now border on the Sea of Galilee, like in the bad old days.

It has not been announced what Syria will give in return.

If I understand this correctly, the agreement is likely to result in yet another ethnic cleansing of Jews from the land of Israel, similar to the ethnic cleansing done by Olmert in Gaza, which resulted in disaster.

The Gaza ethnic cleansing also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the entire concept of land-for-peace is flawed, and that the true aim of the Arabs is to gain Jewish land from which to more conveniently fire missiles into Israeli population centers.

In terms of peace, we also saw that Arabs and Israelis have not been able to forge normal relations between their citizens. Take Egypt and Jordan, for example, where enroumous land concessions resulted in nothing but continued hatred between the people.

So, if peace agreements with the Arabs have resulted in loss of land and devastation for thousands of Jewish families, in exchange for terrorism and hatred, why do it? Why not wait until the Arabs produce a generation that is capable of making true peace?