Now hold on just one minute here. I agree that the word Holocaust was inappropriate and disproportionate, but everyone here seems to put 100% of the blame on the Palestinians. Do the Israelis not deserve some blame? Is it totally inconceivable that a military can commit atrocities? What makes the IDF so much more capable of self-restraint than the US Army, Japanese, or the Russians (to name a few)? All of which have committed war crimes in the past.

Could it also be possible that Israel wants peace as much as Hamas does? Don’t forget Sharon has been against every peace proposal put forth. He was against peace with the Jordanians, Egyptians, against Oslo, Taba , and the Saudi peace proposal. He wouldn’t even discuss it. He is the person who, purposely, visited a holy site that he know would inflame the Palestinian people right after the two sides from the Taba talks said that they were the closest to an agreement as they have ever been. He’s the one who orders the assassination of militants/ freedom fighters/ terrorists (whenever) whenever there is a lull in the violence.

I’m not trying to blame one side or the other, I’m just trying to point out that both sides have committed horrendous acts of violence which should never be excused.