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Thread: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

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    "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    There is an excellent article by Tawfik Hamid on the Jerusalem Post called "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians":

    After Israel launched its military attack on Hamas military installations in Gaza in response to repeated attacks on Israeli civilians, the Arab street wasted no time in demonstrating with passion against Israel. In Europe, many Westerners also took part in the protests.

    As an Egyptian Muslim now living in America, I ask myself why the Arab street and its supporters in the West never show similarly strong response against Islamic terrorists who target innocents worldwide and explode markets full of predominantly Muslim civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, etc. When you consider that the Israeli attack killed some 400 mostly Hamas militant in the first four days, the passive attitude of the Muslim world against the terrorists represents extreme hypocrisy. If it truly cared for Muslims' lives, it should have demonstrated in the same numbers and with equal vehemence against the Islamists who murder hundreds of thousands of their fellow Muslims, not to mention the Hamas slaughter of rival Fatah members - women and children included.


    The Muslim world and the Europeans who support the demonstrations against Israel must stop the biased reaction that blindly and reflexively supports the Palestinians and villifies Israel. Those who demonstrate against the military campaign on Gaza must realize that if Hamas had stopped pounding Israel with its rockets, Israel would not have launched its attack. If the Palestinians focused on building their society rather than destroying those of others, the whole region would enjoy peace and flourish. Should Palestinians recognize the right of Israel to exist, end terrorism against Jews and nurture a sincere desire to live in peace, they would end their suffering. The solution now is simply in the hands of the Palestinians - not the Israelis.

    The writer, a medical doctor and Muslim reformer, is the author of Inside Jihad.

    To see the entire article go to:
    "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither, let my tongue cleave to my palate if I do not remember you, if I do not set Jerusalem above my highest joy." (Ps. 137: 5-7)"

    "Any generation in which the Temple is not built, it is as if it had been destroyed in their times" (Yerushalmi, Yoma 1a).

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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Great to hear that.
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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"


    Thank you so much for the link to the article! It is refreshing to hear from someone--anyone--who gives a fair and honest assessment of the situation!

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    Thumbs up I support Isreal

    I wanted to post this in a new thread but it didn't allow me to create one so I figured just to post it just somewhere.

    Hi fellow Israelis,

    I just wanted to make this post to show my support for Isreal. I'm an Iranian who resides in Canada. My both parents are from Iran, and I've been following this whole arab-Isreal conflict for quiet a while. I personally dont feel sorry for HAMAS, and I can't imagine how someone can feel sorry for the evil getting hurt and destroyed anyway. As for all these arab-protests around the world, I try not to pay attention because I realize most of these protests are just trying to get the media's attention to manipulate American public and thw world. Everybody with a right mind saw what happened, all Isreal is doing now is stopping the agression. It was Hamas that made Isreal think these attacks are neccessary to regain his security over the region.

    So I just would like to show my support as a middle eastern, and as an Iranian.
    I also hope that someday Iran achieves Freedom and we can get our country back from the current corrupted regeme and we can all live in peace.


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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Dear my fellow human beings,
    I am a muslim from the United Kingdom, I signed up to this forum because I read into the Israel-Palestine conflict alot, I was wondering how do the real Jewish people view this situation?
    The jewish population experienced a tragedy, a genocide in the form of the holocaust which was completely wrong, and may I take this opportunity to wish peace upon the 6 million souls which were lost in that tragedy. But what bugs me is the jews in germany were persecuted for their beliefs, for being a minority.
    What I would like to know is do the Jews of todays world support what the Israeli government is doing in palestine?
    By that I mean the airstrikes on schools & hospitals? The killings of innocent civillians on the flotilla? The building of a wall around the gaza strip which is ironic because I remember a certain berlin wall in history lessons.

    Have we really learned nothing from history? Are we really so ignorant to let it happen today? Whether Jew, Muslim or christian we have to realise that history is repeating itself, this time it is the Jews who are persecuting the Palestinian people. Im not talking about the terrorists, just the civillian population, the war on gaza must stop, the killings of innocent civllians must stop today. The bombs that were dropped on gaza hit schools & hospitals. How can anyone justify that?

    We must learn to live as one in peace like we did before all of this nationalism!

    I have not come here to argue just to get the views of average jews!

    As you would say 'Shalom' or as I would say 'Salam'

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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Ahlan wa Salam, KJONES.
    I cannot speak for everyone on this forum, but I believe that the IHH people on the Mavi Marmara attacked the Israeli soldiers.
    Likewise, in Gaza Hamas and the other terrorist groups purposely stored their weapons in mosques, schools, and hospitals and would launch rockets from near those places.
    You might want to read the news at,, and if you want to see the Israeli side of the news. Compare it with the Arabic media and come to your own conclusions. That way you'll know what both sides are saying.

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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Quote Originally Posted by KJONES
    I am a muslim from the United Kingdom, I signed up to this forum because I read into the Israel-Palestine conflict alot, I was wondering how do the real Jewish people view this situation?
    Two things:

    1. There is no such thing as a "real" Jewish person. We have many different opinions but most of us do side with Israel.
    2. I am glad that you came here not to argue but to discuss.

    Speaking for myself, the way I see it is that this conflict has a long history. To say that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians is equivalent to saying that the allies were oppressing the Germans and the Japanese towards the end of the war after they had the upper hand (overwhelmingly) but before the Germans and the Japanese surrendered.

    Let me ask you a counter question, please: what do you want Israel to do? How do you want them to react to the likes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad? They say, openly, that they won't stop fighting till Israel would be destroyed. And they don't just say it but they constantly attack Israel with rockets and any other means when given the chance. Do you want Israel to just ignore their attacks?
    Idealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem.
    Author: John Galsworthy 1867-1933, British Novelist, Playwright

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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Dear Mr Jones,
    You obviously have preconceptions as your post indicates. There is no wall around Gaza but if there was you would also need to question the validity of its existence. The arabs live in Gaza and the Jews live in Israel so what difference would it make if there actually was a wall? I also note that you condemn Israel for the killing of "innocent" civilians on the Mavi Marmara and the bombings of hospitals and schools in Gaza. At no point do you mention the attack on IDF border guards while trying to perform their legitimate duty, or the fact that Hamas launched rockets on innocent Jewish civilians, from schools and hospitals using human shields, and any retaliation was to destroy these launchers.
    Not being Jewish I dont need to pussy foot with your garbage, disguised as ignorance. Try reading something that wasn't writen by one of your imams and if this post wasn't some sort of wind up you might actually learn something.

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    Re: "Gaza solution is in the hands of Palestinians"

    Salam 3alikum K Jones,

    You must first take into account the historical narrative of the conflict. The counter measures of the IDF could of been prevented if in fact respectfully the arab leaders did not reject Resolution 181 and declare war with instant flare. In addition, Olmert and Barak's offers could of created a two state solution which any further attack on Israel would be considered an "act of war". That being said, you made a false reasoning about the wall. Both had walls is the same reasoning for you? In the Warseau ghetto, the function of the wall was to imprison the Jews in which were ordered to be sent to Treblinka.. Not to deny Jewish Kamikazes from blowing themselves up in civilian settings. Also, Hamas is in clear violation of UN Charter to use its civilians as a decoy to shade their illegal activities which further violate several humanitarian and UN laws. On the other hand, Israel created the Iron dome in which its second purpose is to deter from Palestinian causalities as much as possible. There is only one road to peace and that is Abbas to adhere to the Osslo Accords and sign a peace agreement. Israel will continue to defend itself in the form of counter striking. If not, she will be taken advantaged of for weakness.


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    'Gaza Doctor' Builds New Life in Toronto After Losing Daughters, Izzeldin Abuelaish..

    I am sorry for Dr. Abuelaish's loss and am heartened by his response.

    ...Between the memories of the three daughters he lost to an Israeli shelling of his home in Gaza during the 2008-2009 conflict and his commitment to the family’s five remaining children, Abuelaish is trying to rebuild his life far away from Gaza.

    He says he seeks to make sense of the tragedy by devoting his life to promoting peace and nonviolence. Guiding the way is a quote by Mahatma Gandhi hanging on the wall in his small office at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health. The quote reads, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

    “I owe it to my daughters,” Abuelaish said in an interview with the Forward. “I believe that one day I will meet them and they’ll ask: ‘What did you do for us? Did you forget us, or did you continue giving hope, sending a humanitarian message?’”

    His eyes tearing up, Abuelaish continued: “I want to tell them: ‘Rest in peace. I will do everything I can for your souls. I’ll try harder than before.’”

    When Abuelaish vows to “try harder,” he means using his remarkable personal tragedy to advocate for a peaceful relationship between Israelis and Palestinians. His book, “I Shall Not Hate: A Doctor’s Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity,” was published last year. Abuelaish is now active in raising funds for Daughters for Life, the foundation that he set up to help girls and women in the Middle East...
    Read the whole article at:

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