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Thread: Israeli Arab leader: Anti-war protestors are traitors

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    Israeli Arab leader: Anti-war protestors are traitors

    Arab-Israeli community leader Ali Jarushi slams Arab rallies against Gaza operation
    Yuval Kaner
    Published: 01.08.09, 00:24 / Israel News
    Arab protestors who demonstrate against Israel are traitors, Arab-Israeli community leader Ali Jarushi said in a special interview with Yedioth Ayalon and Mynet, Ynet's local authority website.

    The Ramle resident, who serves as a local leader and mediator in the Arab community, characterizes himself as a "peace-loving and humanity loving man." He says that Arab protests against the Gaza operation across the country anger him and contradict his worldview – namely, he believes that Arab-Israelis should respect the State and even send their children to serve in the army.

    Last week, Jarushi spoke out against Arab demonstrators in Ramle protesting the Gaza War.

    "Ninety-nine percent of them are collaborators. I'll speak out against any rally of this kind," he said at the time. "I condemn demonstrations against the government across the country. These people live in this country. They should demonstrate in favor of peace."

    "This land isn't ours, it belongs to God," Jarushi added. "We must not fight for this land, or else God will be mad at us."

    Jarushi says he decided to submit to an interview after seeing operation Cast Lead in Gaza going on and exacting casualties on both sides.

    "My words are the truth, and I'm not scared to utter them," he said. "I tell the truth, and the truth hurts.,7...652592,00.html

    Is he druze?

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    Re: Israeli Arab leader: Anti-war protestors are traitors

    yes, He is Druze.
    Druze love ISRAEL so much.
    They are just GREAT.
    May God Bless them & their people.

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    Re: Israeli Arab leader: Anti-war protestors are traitors

    Israel is a free country where people are free to express their opinions. I would be surprised if everyone, especially the Arabs, would "support" the war.
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