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Thread: Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

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    Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

    Jackie takes a stroll through the British mind; On tolerating Antii-Semitism and Muslim pressure in the UK :

    Making Muslims happy:

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    Y. Shulamith

    Re: Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

    Jackie should stick to comedy: his political diatrabes aren't funny and don't serve a purpose but make Jews look stupid.

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    Re: Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

    Thanks Maven. What he said about Muslims is true. They think that they can takeover where ever they go.

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    Re: Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

    I really like Jackie, and all he's saying is the things I'm thinking and don't have the public forum that he has to say them on. I especially like the Duane Eddy music too. I like it that he spoke up for Sarah Palin too.....and she does blast the doors right off the big ZERO. It's too bad she wasn't running for prez....she'd beat the deadbeat 0 like a borrowed mule.

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    Re: Jackie Mason: UK Muslims

    It's not about 'Muslims'. It's about people running around saying the social contract is now and forever meaningless. Because Nick Griffin and the BNP now say they don't hate Jews, makes them any less obnoxious?

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