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Thread: BBC find Bowen guilty.

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.

    All of this stuff is really puzzling to me. Muslims shoot rockets, mortars, blow up buses with suicide bombs, and attack with guns, even deliberately killing little kids. Israel attacks in an orderly fashion that tries it's best to minimize civilian casualties and gets chastised in the media......what's the deal with that? Why are there so many forces aligned against Israel that is only trying to live in peace? Doesn't make sense. Something is rotten in there somewhere. Does oil mean that much to the world and since the muslims control so much of it the world jumps to chasten their enemies? I really don't get it.

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tonto View Post
    Does oil mean that much to the world and since the muslims control so much of it the world jumps to chasten their enemies? I really don't get it.
    I think you get it. People dont want the boat rocked, on top of that some people have an issue with Jews breathing, much less self determining their affairs.

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.

    I saw Jeremy Bowen on tv this weekend. I can't recall what he was reporting on, but noticed him because he was very popular here when he worked on breakfast TV and I haven't seen him for a long time.

    But many UK people are aware of biased reporting. It's not going to surprise anyone.

    The recent Hamas situation highlighted the bias issue and raised debate over that. I have heard many people here question why Israel has been so patient with the constant bombardment, although of course people were upset by the casualties arising from that action.

    Still there are many who lack objectivity in this area and I notice it particularly in younger people. I wonder what UK education systems are teaching with respect to the Middle East.

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.


    Those are very good points.

    The fact that this anti-Semitic Muslim terrorism apologist is still on the air shows that the BBC is up to its old tricks again.

    It also shows how little influence British Jews really have. There's a lot of Arab money flowing throughout the UK, I guess. Enough to legitimize anti-Semitism.
    "All we are saying is give peace a chance." - John Lennon

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.

    The British Jewish community is very small and there are large parts that are either totally assimilated or ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists.
    "It is cheap to attack Israel. I am certainly not going to make a cheap attack on Israel by howling in the woods with the rest of the wolves." - Geert Wilders

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    Re: BBC find Bowen guilty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharona View Post
    "Breaking news: The BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen has been found guilty by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) of breaking BBC guidelines on accuracy and impartiality in his coverage of Israel."
    I think I saw that guy on YouTube.

    I wish I could believe that the BBC will get better, but I'm sorry to say that it won't.

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