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Thread: Egyptian science: No thanks, Jews

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    Egyptian science: No thanks, Jews
    From news article:

    This is the academic boycott of Israel. Delegates to a breast cancer conference in Cairo receive disinvitations from the Egyptian Health Minister. These doctors and scientists are refused access to conferences and denied entry into Egypt because they are Israeli. And we learn that aggression against Israeli doctors and scientists is frequent.

    “IMA chairman Dr. Leonid Eidelman said that Israeli doctors and scientists are often confronted by hostility when attending professional conferences abroad.

    Eidelman said that medicine and science are not political. Even those who oppose policies of the government of Israel should never inject politics into these fields, which aim to save lives and to which Israelis contribute a great deal, he said.
    He called on the government to launch a serious campaign against such boycotts and have “zero tolerance” for them. The IMA, he said, would be happy to participate in such efforts.”

    The conference organisers eventually obtained assurances from Cairo that Israelis would be able to attend. It’s not clear whether they did attend.

    Boycotting Israeli academics and academia has nothing to do with Palestinian emancipation – it’s just a vindictive, opportunistic and self-harming pursuit undertaken by campaigners pursuing ulterior motives at the peripheries of that struggle.

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    Re: Egyptian science: No thanks, Jews

    This is excellent news, they can boycott us and we can boycott them.

    I wonder who will win? sadly israeli doctors will share their findings in the end out of 'humanitarian' stupidity

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