Bethlehem - Ma'an - A former Yale professor was among the four detained by Israeli forces during protests against the construction of the separation wall in Al-Walaja on Thursday morning...

...At 2pm, sources confirmed to Ma'an that at least one of the three, former Yale professor Dr Mazen Qumsiyeh, remained in custody. Family members confirmed that he was being held at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, and may be let out on bail later in the afternoon...

This is a new life for Qumsiyeh since he moved back to the disputed territories from his former home in Connecticut. His email missives have been filled with self-glorifying stories of harassment by the ("Israeli Occupation Forces") and the like. Real dissident stuff.

You remember Mazin Qumsiyeh (aka Mr. Kumquat). He's provided a lot of material around here over the years. Remember Andover and the Wheels of Justice?

I'm not sure that it's best for Mazin that he's history at Yale be brought to light again. He was not renewed there, quite probably because he demonstrated that his priority was political activism (particularly against Jews) and not academics. Remember:

... After many students had already left for the summer, Qumsiyeh sent an email to all Yale Coalition Peace (YCP) members, an anti-war group, in which he linked Jewish support of Israel with support for the then current war in Iraq.

In the email, Qumsiyeh wrote that "the U.S. occupation of Iraq illegal and immoral (sic)" and that the YCP should "continue to challenge the hegemony of the U.S. on the Arab world." Although such opinions are certainly acceptable and even welcomed at a university that encourages the exchange of ideas, Qumsiyeh closed his email with a chilling statement:

"I include here the list of members of Yale Students 'for Democracy,' the pro war cabal . . . I think you will find the list informative. Note that there is significant overlap of this list with the 'Yale Friends of Israel' listserve."
Qumsiyeh then listed the Yale email addresses of 64 students, which contained students' full names, whom he claimed belonged to Yale College Students for Democracy (YCSD), a group that supported the war in Iraq.

However, the people he listed belonged not to YCSD, but to the Yale Friends of Israel (YFI) itself...