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I actually agree with Kachah more than Reffo on the settlements point. It's not worth getting bogged down in
OK, if we ignore THEIR (Israel's critics) endless repetition that "the settlements are illegal" then the problem will just go away, right? ... I am sorry but I don't agree.

Before long, it will be accepted wisdom, in fact it has already happened because we ignored their BS for so long. And what has been the outcome? Even some reasonable people blame Israel for the stalemate because they say: " ... it's the settlements, stupid ...."

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this is the mistake Obama made from the start of his presidency
Yes and Obama made that mistake precisely because for years, Israel and it's supporters just rolled over and did NOT challenge the lies that the settlements are illegal. Had Israel's supporters in the US kicked up a fuss and insisted that the settlements are NOT illegal then Obama might have thought twice about making the settlements the main issue.

NOTE:- I am not arguing about the wisdom of the settlements. I am arguing about the legality of the settlements. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the two. Israel and it's supporters should Insist that the settlements are NOT illegal, NO compromise on THAT score but the wisdom of building more settlements is legitimate debate. The former allows Israel to be delegitimised and be subjected to pressure. The latter is just a matter of opinion and cannot be used to make conditions or to delegitimise Israel. It's as simple as that.