Which doesn't add anything new except this piece:

From news article:

According to UNHCR statistics, of the over 10 million refugees in the world today, nearly half are "Palestinians," most of whom live in and around UNRWA backed towns in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and PA administered territory.

Quite a bold statement. Half? Including all the refugees in Libya, Western Sahara, The Congo, Tibet, The Caucuses, Bangladesh, Burma, Rwanda, northern Mexico, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and SUDAN? Really? To me that sounds like insane bullshit. Straight up huffing paint delusional nonsense.

From news article:

The UNHCR's annual budget was US $3.32 billion in 2011; UNRWA's biennium regular budget for 2010 and 2011 is US $1.23 billion; in 2009, UNRWA’s total budget for its core programs, emergency activities and special projects was US$1.2 billion.

Which is why out of the $4.6 billion a year tagged for UN refugee assistance, 26.7% of it goes to the Palestinians alone (wait a minute I thought they said half? I think the Pals are getting stiffed....no?)