Just photogenic enough to warrant a show on the Travel Channel. The interesting thing is in the notes at the top.

From news article:

There are at least 15.2 million refugees in the world today, according to the NGO Refugees International. While this number is lower than it has been in the past, the group warns that this is simply a reflection of the changing nature of the global refugee crisis. "The old paradigm of refugees in camps with agencies providing services in a self-contained environment is no longer the reality," says Andrea Lari, Refugees International's director of regional programs. Much more common today are internally displaced persons (IDPs) -- refugees living in their own countries who must rely on their governments, rather than international organizations, for aid. There are more than 27.1 million IDPs in the world today.

Thankfully though, the Palestinians get 30% of the total UN budget for all refugees.
(they rank #8 in this list and because it's FP mag, there's nearly 5 million of them - the 'largest and oldest refugee population in the word...'

How do they write this stuff with a straight face?