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Background: Paris Agreement has already been changed by mutual consent Mahmoud Abbas has called for the Protocol on Economic Relations signed in Paris on April 29, 1994 (“Paris Agreement”) to be changed. This would not be the first time that the Paris Agreement was changed by mutual agreement reached via negotiations. In point of fact, a year and a half after the Paris Agreement was signed it was amended in the September 28, 1995 Interim Agreement (see text below).

If Mr. Abbas wishes to enter into negotiations with Israel to discuss their ideas for changes in the Protocol on Economic Relations it might very well serve Israel’s interests to agree to negotiations to discuss the Protocol on Economic Relations along with other changes in the Oslo agreements (security related and other) that Israel is interested in. Negotiating amendments to Oslo would break the Palestinian boycott on talks while indicating that despite the unilateral efforts of the Palestinians that Oslo is the only game in town.
Annex V
Protocol on Economic Relations
28 Sep 1995
Supplement to the Protocol on Economic Relations

6. a. Cigarettes, alcohol, iron and cement will be added to list A2 attached to the Protocol on Economic Relations in accordance with subparagraphs 2.a.(2) and 2.b of Article III of the Protocol, in quantities according to the Palestinian market needs, taking into account the quantities of these goods included in list Al. However, with regard to these goods, the Israeli rates of customs, purchase tax, levies, excises and other charges, prevailing at the date of signing of the Agreement, as changed from time to time, shall serve as the minimum basis for the Council.

b. The quantities of electrical equipment in lists Al and A2 will be revised and increased by the JEC to cover all the needs of the Palestinian market. 7. Articles V (Direct Taxation) and VI (Indirect Taxes on Local Production) of the Protocol on Economic Relations shall be replaced by the Articles attached as Appendices 1 and 2 to this Supplement.

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So Abbas wants more industrial equipment and more money from tax remittances in order to sit down. It's a bribe.