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Thread: Quartet refuses to call Israel a Jewish state

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    Quartet refuses to call Israel a Jewish state

    A major stumbling block with the Quartet and one which will ultimately sink all their efforts is their refusal to so much as call Israel the Jewish state.
    From news article:

    The issue of whether and how to suggest that Israel should be a Jewish state ultimately sank diplomatic efforts by the Mideast Quartet to draft a substantive statement to revive peace talks, sources familiar with the matter said.

    The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israel and the Palestinians - and their effective proxies in the negotiations, the United States and Russia - remain too far apart on that issue and others.

    "The heart of the matter was that the only way in which it was going to work as a basis for negotiations was if there was a reference on the one side to '67 lines plus swaps, which was the minimum but not sufficient requirement for the Palestinians, and a Jewish state as one of the goals of the negotiations, which was the minimum requirement of the Israelis," said one source briefed on the negotiations.

    The only thing the Quartet is able to do is agree with Hamas for the slow death of Israel.

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    Re: Quartet refuses to call Israel a Jewish state

    It is really stupid to expect this so called Quartet to admit the Jewishness of Israel. The EU and UN won't by definition, they are both disfunctional multi-national organizations and their ruling uber-national bureaucrats are not going to shoot themselves in the foot by recognizing the right of national ideology to exist - particularly if it is Jewish national ideology. THe US is not disfunctional but its uniting identity as "American" bears more similarity to "Israeli" rather than "Jewish". I can understand that it's hard for the Americans to give up on this idea which had so many fought and died for over 200 years, in fact they are absolutely right in case of America and the whole New World in general - where history started a couple of hunderd years back from the blank page. But Israel is Jewish home historically for millenia.
    The Russians are plain anti-semites run by the officers from the most anti-semitic organization in the world since Gestapo and SS were wiped out - what do you expect from them? The reason why they are part of the Quartet is because that's how the West plans to rein in their weapons supply to crazy Fatah-Hamas and other mad regimes in the regions and to a degree control their incessant provocations.
    Who is it you see showing the leadership in declaring Israel a Jewish state?

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