For many years, Professor Sari Nusseibeh has been regarded as the epitome of Palestinian moderation. The urbane president of al Quds university in east Jerusalem, he has been regarded as a "two-state solution" moderate. His actual advocacy of a one-state solution and the swallowing up of Israel has been unaccountably ignored.

Those problematic implications are that, for Nusseibeh, a Jewish state would necessarily either be a theocracy or practise apartheid -- stripping Israeli Arabs of their civic rights and ethnically cleansing them from Israel, on the basis that in a Jewish state the only people with civic rights would be Jews.

His argument is as bizarre as it is disgusting. He appears to regard the idea of Israel as a Jewish state as an outlandish hypothesis which has suddenly been sprung upon the world. But Israel is a Jewish state, just as France is French or America is American. Second, the idea that such a Jewish state would necessarily be homogeneous is not only false in theory but totally ignores reality. Israeli Arabs, who make up some 20 per cent of the population, enjoy full civic and political rights. Indeed, it was an Israeli Arab judge who presided over the court which sent a former President of the Jewish state to jail for rape.

If even a supposed hyper-moderate like Nusseibeh turns out to be in fact a rejectionist wolf in sheep's clothing, what chance is there that anyone in the Palestinian leadership is genuinely committed to a Jewish and a Palestinian state living peacefully side by side? Indeed, they all tell us over and over again that their real goal is not two states but the destruction of Israel.

I know I don't usually cite the JC since they're a bit coy trying to straddle both sides of the fence. None the less it would be like citing The Forward if they ever printed something that wasn't to the left of Marx. Sometimes you just have to.