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Thread: Hevron Warns Freed Terrorist Not to Return

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    Hevron Warns Freed Terrorist Not to Return

    From news article:

    Hani Ressami, who murdered yeshiva student Erez Samuel in Hevron, was released last week as part of a deal with Hamas to exchange 1,027 terrorists for the freedom of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. Ressami is expected to return to work at his store, located near where he murdered Samuel. But Jewish residents in Hevron have decided they will not accept his return and have plastered posters in Hebrew and Arabic up, saying that Ressami would not return safely to Hevron - and that the safest place for him is in prison. These words were written in Hebrew, "You can be the next victim! You must not be silent! This dog lives near the Erez Lane!" At the end of the flyer it says, "Unless you kill him, he'll kill you! First come first served".


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    Re: Hevron Warns Freed Terrorist Not to Return

    Excellent, indeed. Vigilance and vengeance - it has a nice ring to it.

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