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Thread: Within hours of the 1947 UN partition vote, Arabs massacred 7 Jews

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    Within hours of the 1947 UN partition vote, Arabs massacred 7 Jews

    On November 30, 1947, while Jews were still in the streets of Palestine celebrating the UN partition vote, Arabs murdered seven Jews.

    Six of them were on a bus. Arabs threw grenades at an Egged bus traveling from Netanya to Jerusalem, and one exploded inside.

    Devora Yaari was injured, and her husband Shalom rushed to her aid. He was shot dead in cold blood.

    Shoshana Mizrahi Farhi, 22, was on her way to Jerusalem to get married. She was killed.

    The other victims were Hirsh Starer, Mrs. Hanna Weiss, and Miss Haya Yisraeli.

    Another Egged bus was attacked a half hour later, and Nechama Hacohen, a pathologist at Hadassah Hospital, was killed.

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    Re: Within hours of the 1947 UN partition vote, Arabs massacred 7 Jews

    Nothing has changed over the decades since that day. The UN, those that voted in favour of the partition, their predecessors would likely change their vote, today, if it was remotely feasible. I swear the Anti-Israel lobbyists have grown owing to interbreeding. The UN is no more than a body of terror sponsors, deeming the murder and maiming of Israelis is tolerable, whether decades past, today or tomorrow. The fact that Israel has full right to protect its sovereignty and citizens apparently is a no-no in the minds of western governments, not only Israel enemies. Terrorists’ lives, those out to murder and maim and ultimately, destroy Israel, when killed by the IDF or others are judged to be of a higher importance than those of terrorism's Israeli victims.

    I realise that I am off on another tangent… but these dirt bags (I place terrorists and UN is the same category) in guise as human beings are parasites attempting to live off the life blood of Israel and Judaism. Equally maddening are the numerous others; leftist dirt-bags with an equivalent hatred towards Israel or Jews, in general. Frankly, it makes me literally sick.

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