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Thread: Egyptians demanding Israelis goods from Gaza tunnels!

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    Egyptians demanding Israelis goods from Gaza tunnels!

    From news article:

    Israeli financial newspaper Calcalist quotes Egyptian media as saying that the demand for Israeli products is growing in the northern Sinai. According to the article, Gazans have been smuggling Israeli goods outbound from the Gaza tunnels and into Egypt, where customers are demanding higher-quality Israeli goods - even when they are more expensive than local products. Vendors say that the Israeli products are in high demand. In the past they would erase the "Made in Israel" logos, but they no longer do, as it is a selling point.

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    Re: Egyptians demanding Israelis goods from Gaza tunnels!

    The Israelis need to make their own smuggling tunnels into the Sinai and undercut the Gazans export business! Hit them where it hurts. Ha, ha.

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