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Thread: Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

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    Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

    20% anti-Semitic is pretty low considering the steady diet of anti-Israel propaganda in the Europress.

    A new study by a Parliament-appointed commission shows 20% of Germans harbor "latent" anti-Semitism, but anti-Jewish crimes are almost exclusively committed by the far right.

    The 188-page report which draws on several different surveys and other research puts Germans in the middle of the pack in Europe, with a German university survey showing more latent anti-Semitism in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Portugal, and less in Italy, Britain, the Netherlands and France.

    The study released Monday said the surveys show that about one-fifth of Germans agree with anti-Semitic statements, such as "Jews have too much power in business."

    The study also showed that 90% of anti-Semitic crimes are committed by right-wing extremists, who number about 26,000 according to official estimates...

    The report cites the Internet as a contributing factor to the spread of anti-Semitic thought.

    "With regard to modern forms of communication - we point to the Internet in particular - it is virtually impossible to prevent the spread of such thinking," Longerich continued.,7...180063,00.html

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    Re: Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

    That's rather low for Western Europe. In Spain it's about half.

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    Re: Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

    Yaaaaaay for the 80%

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    Re: Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

    80% unknown.

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    Re: Study: 20% of Germans harbor anti-Semitism

    I think it is in fact much more than 20%...

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