The seven-thousand strong crowd listening to Egyptian cleric Wajdi Ghonim yesterday morning in a sports stadium in Tunis was clearly heard to utter antisemitic slogans. It was the second timein a few weeks. More worryingly, the audience this time consisted of thousands, not hundreds (with thanks: Michelle):According to a video report by Metula News Agency carried by the weblog Harissa, Islamist supporters were clearly heard to shout 'Slaughter the Jews!' and 'the Army of the Messiah is on the move!'But opinion is clearly polarised in Tunisia. The video shows a Tunisian lawyer explaining that the event was interrupted by the authorities, fearing a confrontation between the Islamists inside the hall and 500 to 700 people outside.
A strong constituency remains in Tunisia for intellectual freedom and secular democracy. Some six thousand demonstrators turned out to protest religious extremism at the end of last month, according to this report on Tunisia Live.