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Thread: Ted Belman; how the Palestinians are treated elsewhere

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    Ted Belman; how the Palestinians are treated elsewhere

    Pretty good summary of how the Arabs treat each other.

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    Re: Ted Belman; how the Palestinians are treated elsewhere

    It can safely be said that the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the authors of their own misfortune. In their past elections, they choose parties, whether Fatah or Hamas, that are wedded to the “resistance” which is a euphemism for terrorism. The result of this “resistance” whether in the form of thousands of rockets fired from Gaza into civilian areas in Israel or the deployment of suicide bombers by Fatah in Jerusalem and Israel generally, Israel has placed restrictions on them such as a legal blockade of Gaza and travel restrictions in the West Bank. These restrictions are for security purposes only and not intended as punishment.
    This also shows how they treat themselves.
    For the first time in years they get the opportunity to vote and change their lot, so what do they do?
    Shoot themselves in the bloody foot.
    Did they get what they wanted?
    They certainly got what they deserve?

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