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Thread: Peaceful bricks of peace and love and nonviolent windshield smashing

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    Peaceful bricks of peace and love and nonviolent windshield smashing

    And an Arab photographer from AFP just happened to be camped out waiting for this to happen.

    How often are Palestinian stone throwing attacks presented by the media as a minor nuisance or a merely symbolic form of resistance against well-armed Israelis?
    Related content: MSM, Stone Throwers Collude and Collide in Silwan
    The reality is that such attacks can seriously injure or kill as was the case in September 2011 when Asher Palmer and his infant son Yehonatan were killed when their car crashed as a result of a stoning attack.
    As YNet News reports, Israeli teacher Zehava Weiss is extremely lucky to have escaped unharmed in another such attack this week:
    Luckily, Weiss said, her car is armored, but even so “the windshield was shattered and the exterior was dented in several places. They were throwing bricks, not stones.”
    The moment of the attack was caught by both AFP and AP photographers.

    A teacher was on her way home to the West Bank settlement of Karmei Tzur on Tuesday when she found herself the target of a rock salvo that smashed her windshield.

    Zehava Weiss, the driver, came out unscathed from an incident that has become a daily experience for residents in the region. An AFP photographer who was standing nearby captured the instance when a Palestinian boy hurled a boulder at her car.

    Weiss told Ynet that she saw the car in front of her getting hit, but did not think the salvo would continue. She had no choice but to continue driving into Beit Ummar, a Palestinian town, even after she bcame the target.

    "I saw crowds on my left and on my right," Weiss recalled. "I knew that something was happening, but I had to continue driving because I didn't see any cops of soldiers in the area."\

    If you read this story from yesterday, about a stoning incident, here's the full first-person testimony:-

    What Happened to Me on Tuesday Last

    This past Tuesday, 28 Shvat - February 21, I was returning home to Karmei Tzur from Efrat where I work.

    At the Gush Etzion Junction I collected a female hitchhiker who got into a back seat since the front passenger seat was where our infant seat was affixed. What luck. While traveling between El-Aroub and Bet-Omar on the ascent I noticed a car approaching from the opposite direction with a damaged front window from a rock that must have previously landed. I naively presumed that that was the result of an old incident that hadn't yet been fixed.

    When I came close to the gas station at Bet-Omar (a location that usually requires a driver's attention due to wrongly parked taxis, bypassing and pulling out into the highway in a careless manner), I observed a man running across the road from right to left. I first thought that this was a soldier with a rifle and I slowed down to grasp what was happening. I then noticed dozens of people, old, young and teenagers, congregating on my right. It then became apparent that the "soldier with a rifle" was actually a photographer with a camera. He was seeking a better picture angle to snap away at what was about to happen. On my left were at least two other photographers, waiting for the action. I should emphasize that I was not the first victim and other cars had already been stoned and so these press photographers were well aware what was happening and was about to happen to me. None of them, it seems, thought to call for assistance from the police or IDF none of whom were present.

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    Re: Peaceful bricks of peace and love and nonviolent windshield smashing

    If it were me I would run them down. And the 'photographers'.

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