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Thread: Egypt's rulers resist Muslim Brotherhood's push to open Gaza border

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    Egypt's rulers resist Muslim Brotherhood's push to open Gaza border

    Once the military steps down from power in Egypt, it won't be long before armaments and rocket parts flood into Gaza. I have no doubt the Iranians will be shipping arms via Suez in no time. The sooner Gaza is reoccupied and Hamas destroyed the better.

    The Muslim Brotherhood aims to open the Egyptian border with Gaza to commerce, a shift that would transform life for Palestinians there but which is hitting resistance from Egyptian authorities reluctant to change a longstanding policy.

    The biggest party in Egypt's new parliament, the Islamists are not yet in government but have been seeking ways to ease the impact of restrictions imposed by Israel and Egypt on what passes in and out of the territory run by Hamas, an ideological offshoot of the Brotherhood.

    Aiming to ease chronic power shortages in Gaza, the Brotherhood recently lobbied the Egyptian government to conclude a deal to supply fuel for the territory's sole power station.

    However, the blackouts still plaguing Gaza several weeks after the deal was declared show that changing policy is easier said than done in Cairo, where government is still largely run by remnants of Hosni Mubarak's administration...
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    Re: Egypt's rulers resist Muslim Brotherhood's push to open Gaza border

    Dayag, do you really think that the millitary would actually relinquish control? They have a tiger by the tail and as soon as they let go, the vindictiveness of the moslem brotherhood will seek to make examples and get revenge. I see Egypt in a state of undeclared civil war, with the millitary restraining the uneducated but volatile masses in an attempt to keep the fragile economy from total collapse. The removal and trial of Mubarak was only the begining of what I feel will be a very long and sometimes bloody transition back into the dark ages.
    As its own problems grow, places like Gaza will lose their import and become abandoned rather like the further provinces during the declining Roman empire.
    We introduced western civilization and values but they couldn't handle it.

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