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Thread: Obama's "Flexibility"

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    Obama's "Flexibility"

    Great piece from C. Krauthammer
    Pleepleus, come and read.

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    Re: Obama's "Flexibility"

    A lot of speculation based on one sentence, Kachah. The White House aide's explanation is not at all unreasonable.

    The president was merely explaining that arms control is too complicated to be dealt with in a year in which both Russia and the US hold presidential elections.
    It is an election year and Dr. Krauthammer definitely has a political axe to grind.

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    Re: Obama's "Flexibility"

    I agree with Krauthammer's explanation. The White House Aide's explanation is nothing but spin. The only conceivable explanation to Obama's plea for patience from Medvedev is that he expects to be able to make more concessions once he gets elected for his second and final term. If there is any other explanation, I for one would like to see it ...
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