Interesting article in Haaretz. Relying primarily on the IAF last time was a mistake. Glad to see they are preparing for the inevitable.

Special IDF units preparing for mass Lebanon incursion if war breaks out with Hezbollah
Ground forces are expected to contribute much more than in 2006, when Israel relied mainly on the IAF, which would entail much more intense urban warfare....

The IDF has been trying to improve its performance if hostilities resume, but so has Hezbollah. The Shi'ite organization has built fortified lines with underground command posts and improved operational capacity. Its rockets are hidden in better-camouflaged launching pads...

Yahalom soldiers, along with the men and dogs of the IDF's Oketz canine unit, finished a long training session last week.

"It's not patrols or raids on Palestinians we're simulating here, but a full-fledged war," says Oketz's commander, who gave his name as Sivan.

One of Oketz's main tasks is to distinguish between militants and uninvolved civilians.

"Our dogs know how to spare civilians and home in on terrorists," says Sivan, a captain. "How do they? That's our secret."