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Thread: 35% drop in Israeli migration to US

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    35% drop in Israeli migration to US,7...215136,00.html

    2011 saw dramatic reverse of US-Israel immigration trends. Data reveal number of Israelis migrating to US drops, number of US-born Jews making aliyah increases
    Itamar Eichner
    Published: 04.11.12, 16:49 / Israel News

    The number of Israelis relocating to the US has increasingly dropped in 2011, reaching a new low since 2003. Meanwhile, the number of people immigrating to Israel from the US has increased, according to data published by the US citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Approximately 3,826 Israelis migrated to the US in 2011, as opposed to 4,515 in 2010 and 5,612 migrants in 2009.
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    According to the Jewish Agency, 2011 marked a positive increase in migrants coming to Israel, when some 4,070 North American Jews made aliyah.

    Just six years ago, a record number of 5,943 Israelis migrated from Israel to the US. When comparing the 2006 figure to the number of Israelis who left Israel in 2011, the data indicates a 35% drop in migration from Israel.

    Data further reveal a total number of 47,000 Israelis who migrated out of Israel in the past decade.

    The numbers released by the USCIS include only the official information, and dont reflect illegal immigration to the US.

    "The general decrease in the number of people leaving Israel can be attributed to the current state of the US economy," said attorney Liam Shwartz who specializes in US immigration law.

    "The majority of Israelis who immigrated in 2011 received their residential status due to a change in marital status, while less than a third received a green card on account of their specific profession," he added.
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    Re: 35% drop in Israeli migration to US

    I am thrilled the number of yordim (emigrants) to the US is down and the number of olim (immigrants) is up. I am actually surprised the numbers of yordim wasn't higher than just a few thousand. I would have guessed over 10,000 per year.
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