In what many would say is a parallel to the “Wise Men of Chelm," Knesset Members in 2005 said it is “ridiculous” to think terrorists will hit Ashkelon after the exit from Gaza.
A point which seems to have been overlooked is that untill Israels withdrawal from Gaza, it controlled the border with Egypt. Not only has Israel allowed terrorist closer to southern communities it has allowed Hamas to stockpile weapons it should never have been able to get its hands on.
Gaza: Chinese Missiles Aimed at Israel
Israel has previously intercepted Chinese missiles being smuggled into Gaza. Several C-704 missiles were among the many tons of weapons found hidden aboard the “human aid” ship Victoria last year.
If Hamas can smuggle trucks through their tunnels how hard would it be to smuggle huge missiles?
Pre 2005 there were NO tunnels.

Ashdod Under Attack ‘Like Never Before’
Over the past three days, Gaza terrorists have launched over 150 attacks on southern Israel. The city of Ashdod has been targeted more often than it was even at the height of the Cast Lead campaign, residents say.