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Thread: US mulls prosecution of Schalit deal prisoners

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    US mulls prosecution of Schalit deal prisoners

    I am happy for Shalit's family, but those terrorists with blood on their hands should NEVER have been released.

    The US is reviewing terror attacks linked to Palestinian security prisoners released in exchange for soldier Gilad Schalit, for further investigation and potential prosecution in US courts, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

    Those involved include the FBI, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, and the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section. However, according to US Assistant Attorney-General Ronald Weich, there are “significant impediments” to prosecuting Palestinian terrorists in the US who are connected to attacks in which Americans are killed or maimed...

    Under the 1991 US Anti-Terror Act, the United States may prosecute foreign nationals who perpetrate terrorist acts against American citizens, even if those acts are not carried out on US soil. However, for prosecution to proceed, that law requires the written certification of the US attorney- general that the alleged offenses were intended to “coerce, intimidate or retaliate against a government or civilian population.”

    However, in his response, Weich said that terrorist attacks in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza “present particular challenges,” including collecting evidence that is admissible in US courts...
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    Re: US mulls prosecution of Schalit deal prisoners

    My feelings are the same; happy for Gilad, family and loved ones, though. I'm sure nothing will come out the US's attempt to go ahead with any prosecution.

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