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Thread: As new study shows, anti-Semitism can be a question of geography

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    As new study shows, anti-Semitism can be a question of geography

    Very interesting study.

    Is it possible to measure anti-Semitism and to influence its spread in society? Two German researchers who specialize in cultural economics claim that it can. The results of their research, entitled, "Hatred transformed: How Germans changed their minds about Jews, 1890-2006," were published this week on the research portal of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, based in London.

    We will reveal its conclusions now: Your place of birth bears a great influence on your level of hatred toward Jews (and foreigners in general), but with the help of the appropriate (but measured) education we can reduce levels of anti-Semitism (and hatred of foreigners)...

    Link to the actual study (in English) with map:
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    Re: As new study shows, anti-Semitism can be a question of geography

    Is there a scientific study of the rates of anti-semitism in America by location? That would interest me.
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