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Thread: Supreme Court Returns Old City Properties to Jews

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    Supreme Court Returns Old City Properties to Jews

    The Supreme Court on Monday ordered two Arab squatters in Jerusalem’s Old City to vacate the homes they are occupying.

    Lawyer Mohammed Dahleh said the court had rejected his clients’ appeal on the basis that the properties had been legally acquired by Jewish prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948.

    “It went through the Magistrates Court, the District Court and now the Supreme Court,” Dahleh said.

    The Supreme Court also ordered the plaintiff's – Ghazi Zalum’s house and Ismail Wazwaz – to pay all the legal costs.

    Both properties – one a residence, the other a shop – are in the Al-Qarameh neighborhood between the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Temple Mount.
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    Re: Supreme Court Returns Old City Properties to Jews

    Does anyone know the basis of these kinds of decisions in Israeli law?

    I am fairly certain that the doctrine of adverse possession is part of Israeli law, my own family's land having been adversely possessed by an Arab squatter. One would think that these Jewish families would no longer have a claim to these properties on this basis...

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