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Thread: Jenin Video July 5 2002

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    Jenin Video July 5 2002

    Ok, I am having this discussion on another board, and someone is saying that Israel targets civilians and is using this video as proof...

    It is poor quality and you can barely tell what is going on. But since BBC reported it you have to give a bit of time to the video. I remember seeing this video once before, but I can't remember or find any info on what was going on.

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    I remember that incident a few months ago. As usual the video leaves it up to your imagination.

    There's another hilarious video that shows the pals taking a dead man to an ambulence on a stretcher.... one of the guys trips and all go tumbling down and all run off including the dead man.

    It will take a while to find that one. I think I have it somewhere.

    And another video that I dont have but have seen of a funeral where the dead man falls out of the coffin and jumps back in. No one cares that its a fake, Jews still get chewed at for killing non dead people.

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    Typical BBC manipulation

    I've watched the video twiece.
    Interesting, just as the lady reporter mocks the Israeli army's assertion that Jenin is the "terrorist capital", the camera shows three Arab children walking, with their arms on each other's shoulders'. The message seems to say "is this terror"?
    No mention of the weekly hate monging messages delivered in local Mosques. No translation of the Arabic poster with the faces of the shot youngsters, which (correct me if I'm wrong!), calles them "martirs" and calls for retaliation.
    The Arabs are shown as peacefull, civilized people. Now, then comes the reporter to affirm that "Israel has a poor record prosecuting their own". Interesting, as far as I know Israel is the only county in the world to prosecute its own soldiers for brutality even in the very mist of an on-going conflict.
    My veredic: as usual, BBC manipulation.

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