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Thread: Concerning Bengazi

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    Concerning Bengazi

    The attack on the American Consulate in Bengazi was reported to the State Dept and to President Obama within minutes of the "real time" contact. For anyone to be so naive, as to think otherwise is absolutely ludicrus. It's been one insult after another, to the American public from the Obama administration. The Fort Hood massacre being labeled "workplace violence". the Army recuiter being shot down by a proclaimed Islamic terrorist being labeled a "drive by shooting". The twists and turns of "Fast & Furious" in order to create as much confusion as possible concerning the facts. Now we have Bengazi, and the "double talk" once again begins. Anything to avoid truth; anything so Obama can ignore the reality of the existence and the obvious increase of Islamic Terrorism. The best Obama could do was state, Bengazi was " an act of terror". How convenient, as if we weren't aware it was an "act of terror". If the attack was carried out by a troop of Boy Scouts, it would have been an act of terror. Again, anything in order to avoid being up front and truthful. "Act of terror" was Obama's "catch all". It allowed him to use the word "terror" and at the same time, say nothing offenesive to the Islamic Terrorists who planned and carried out the attack. Clever , but nothing that would go past anyone capable of rational thought. As far as I know, Obama has never ever used the term "Islamic or Muslim Terrorists"; something the entire planet is aware of; but still not admitted by the president of the USA.

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    Re: Concerning Bengazi

    I think Obama should be impeached on intentionally looking the other way whilst American service men where being murdered. The whole thing could have been avoided and Americans strength bolstered rather than reduced, as it has been, in the Middle East.

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