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Thread: State appeals Olmert acquittal to Supreme Court

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    State appeals Olmert acquittal to Supreme Court

    Interesting development concerning former PM Olmert. Personally, I hope it prevents him from becoming PM again, because the last time he tried to give away the Temple Mount and Old City of Jerusalem. Luckily Abbas was too stupid to say yes.

    The State Attorney’s Office filed a Supreme Court appeal against the acquittals and light sentence of former prime minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday night, possibly putting his highly speculated political future into jeopardy.

    If the state wins at the Supreme Court level, Olmert could be convicted of harsher crimes than he was at trial, and could even end up going to jail.

    The decision could have tremendous repercussions on the upcoming elections, which Olmert has considered taking part in as a challenger to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu...
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    Re: State appeals Olmert acquittal to Supreme Court

    Olmert shouldn't be allowed within a kilometer of the Knesset!!!!
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    Re: State appeals Olmert acquittal to Supreme Court

    Olmert still regards himself as THE leader of center-left.
    I guess he has plenty of "advisros" (i.e. yesmen) who tell him that.
    Goes to show just how disconnected one can be from his people...

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