(CNSNews.com) – The U.N.’s top human rights body marked Human Rights Day on Monday by electing three countries with poor human rights records as vice presidents for the coming year – including one of the last remaining countries where slavery exists
Ruled by a former military coup leader, Mauritania is a North African Islamic state where conversion to another faith is punishable by death. The country’s criminal code provides for a three-day period of reflection and repentance for any Muslim found guilty of apostasy. “If he does not repent within this time limit,” it states, “he is to be condemned to death as an apostate and his property will be confiscated by the Treasury.”

Homosexual acts also carry the death penalty in Mauritania.

Slavery of black Africans has been rooted in Mauritanian society for centuries According to activists, up to 18 percent of the population may still be in slavery today
Democracies Silent as U.N. Human Rights Council Elects Country Where Slavery Exists to Leadership Post

And Israel should heed what "the rest of the world" thinks? This is just obscene. If there is a G-d, it is time to do what he did in Noah's days.