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Thread: RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

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    RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

    So long, Hugo Chavez! The radical Leftist dictator from Venezuela has died. He was a public supporter of Iranian terrorism, a personal friend of Ahmedinejad, and was behind numerous acts of anti-Semitism against Venezuela's Jewish community.

    Although Chavez was a loud critic of the United States, he admired Obama, who holds similar Leftist views as Chavez. In fact, on an economic level, there was very little difference between Obama's and Chavez' views of wealth redistribution.

    Chavez was also critic of Israel and a brutal dictator who caused regional tensions and attempted to blackmail the US with its oil supply. Goodbye and good riddance, senor Chavez. Adios.
    "All we are saying is give peace a chance." - John Lennon

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    Re: RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

    The million $ ? Who will follow? Will he (I am assuming Venezuela is not ready to be led by a woman) be any better?
    "Study astronomy and physics if you desire to comprehend the relation between the world and G-d's management of it." - RaMBaM (Maimonides), Guide For The Perplexed

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    Re: RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

    Chances are that his VP will remain in power, for a while at least. There should be an election in a month or so, not enough time for Chávez' memory to fade. Once this happens, the real test for the Chavistas will begin.

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    Re: RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

    It is unfortunate for any human being to die of cancer, no matter who they are. I wish his family peace during this time.

    Having said that, he was morally corrupt as a person and a clear hater of Jews and Israel - so no great loss to us.

    R.I.P Mr Chavez.

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    Re: RIP: Good Riddance to Hugo Chavez

    "vengeance is mine...." so my condolences to the family, hoping and praying that Venezuela will not spawn someone more corrupt and power hungry and evil.
    Pray for the peace of Israel

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