Desert Rats lose tanks in cutbacks
BRITAIN'S most famous tank unit, the Desert Rats, will be without any as part of the Coalition Government's sweeping cuts, it has been revealed.
Published: Wed, March 6, 2013

The-Desert-Rats-will-now-be-without-tanks-due-to-Government-cuts The Desert Rats will now be without tanks due to Government cuts

The Army's 7th Armoured Brigade Headquarters will return from Germany and become part of a new infantry unit, the Ministry of Defence said last night. It will only be equipped with wheeled vehicles for reconnaissance, bringing an end to the armoured role of the Desert Rats. An MoD spokesman confirmed the cuts which will also see 20,000 posts cut. He said: "7 Brigade including their 'Desert Rat' insignia will remain in the Army's order of battle as an adaptable force brigade.

It is immensely sad that the 7th Armoured is losing its armour.

Major General Patrick Cordingley

"As announced in the SDSR we are reducing our heavy armour by 40 per cent and re-rolling units to face more modern threats. "That is why the Desert Rats will in the future be an Infantry Brigade equipped with a range of protected mobility vehicles." The Desert Rats won fame in North Africa under Montgomery with victories in battles including El Alamein.

Major General Patrick Cordingley, a former commander of the Desert Rats, said the loss of the tanks would dismay veterans and the public. "It is immensely sad that the 7th Armoured is losing its armour. Like the British public, I am extremely sad that they are losing their armoured role," he said. "These are units whose history you would have thought might have spared them from this."