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    abu afak

    - Saudi-funded Slander -


    April 20, 2003 -- Leave it to a Saudi professor to reveal why the Iraq war began when it did.
    "The American war on Iraq started in March to concur with [the] Purim feast," Prof. Umayma Jalahma explained last week, according to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

    Why is Purim a good time for war?

    Because, Jalahma wrote last year, on Purim, "the Jewish people must obtain human blood so that their clerics can prepare the holiday pastries . . . That affords the Jewish vampires great delight."

    The West went to war in March, you see, to collect Arab blood for hamantaschen.

    Makes perfect sense, no?

    Well, no . . .

    But here's a better question: Who let this unfinished science project out of the lab? Even better: Who gives her an ongoing platform for her toxic fantasies?

    Surprise: Jalahma is a professor of Islamic studies at Saudi Arabia's King Faisal University - meaning she gets her paychecks from the perfidious princes of . . . Riyadh.

    (Who said these guys feel a need to clean up their anti-U.S., anti-Semitic act?)

    And, it was the Arab League's Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up (don't even ask what that is) that allowed Jalahma to indulge her psychosis.

    Past Zayed speakers include: former President Jimmy Carter, former Vice President Al Gore, former U.N. Secretary-General (and one-time loyal Nazi) Kurt Waldheim, Jew-hating right-wing presidential wannabe Lyndon LaRouche and French author Theirry Meyssan, who claims 9/11 was masterminded by . . . Americans.

    No doubt, Jalahma fits right in.

    Of course, this is a case of academic freedom, right - as was Columbia Prof. Nicholas De Genova's hope that Iraq would be "a million Mogadishus"?

    The fact is, no one questions anyone's right to spew foul tripe. But there's sure plenty of cause to question the motives of those - like the princes in Riyadh - who pay them to do so.

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    red crabtree
    Since the roots of this assine story go back to medieval Europe, the thought process is not original and has been debunked numerous times.
    The frightening thing is that people are still going into this and that there are people who will believe it.
    America is going to have to deal with the coming out of Saudi. Not sure how at this point, but it is going to have to be done.

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