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    E-mail campaign

    I suggest everyone who supports Israel send a thank you e-mail to Rush Limbaugh... . He is incredibly supportive of Israel, sees exactly what is going on (he has criticized the administration over recent comments), and has retained a rabbi as an advisor.

    You can also complain to the administration about recent comments that send the wrong message to terrorists (such as Colin Powell suggesting Israel's policy is to "see how many Palestinians you can kill"). Write President Bush at

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    Thanks for posting at V V ibrodsky... I copied your message and sent it around. Good idea! Thanks.

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    I have to give credit where credit is due. I haven't watched Rush since 1993 or so and found him incredibly offensive on many levels then, but I'm glad to hear that he is taking a rational approach to Israel. One can hope that some prominent commentator with a liberal bent will also take a rational approach to Israel. Many (most?) conservatives and liberals have been doing miserably in this respect.

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    Hey folks,

    Please invite the people in those forum to visit us here too.

    They are all welcome to copy and paste their messages from those forums and have them discussed here to get our POV.

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    News Guy... sometimes Raven posts here. But the other Jewish folks post at VJ... which me and Raven got banned from for telling off some anti-semites... which went on for a few months. Its a Jewish website, but god forbid we tell the Jew haters what time it is. This one in particular, is why we got banned... for some reason the moderator had a thing for him and allowed him to go wild over there for 2 years! She eventually was either fired or quit. He managed to go back and continues with the same old tired "liberal" bleeding heart for the aram muslims.

    Anyhow... V V has way too many Jew haters and I ... on purpose... have not mentioned this site as it would only invite big trouble. The 2 Jewish posters seem happy at VJ and just go to VV for variety. Unfortunatly, I don't know many people to invite over here.... message boards aren't for everyone.

    But... I"ll tell raven she should make more visits over here.

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