Expel Arafat - to the Next World
by Irwin Graulich
Sep 14, '03 / 17 Elul 5763

Was giving Adolf Hitler the boot from Germany an option to bring WWII to an end? What the heck is wrong with those running the Israeli government? Expulsion of Arafat to become a world renowned traveler throughout France, England, China and America does not seem like the appropriate solution for terrorism.

You "expel" someone for shouting at a teacher or cheating on a test; not for murdering thousands of Jews. Perhaps Ariel Sharon should consider putting a dunce cap on good ol' Yasser and just making him sit in the corner. Expulsion as serious punishment for a terrorist mass murderer is absurd.

The Israeli government has learned very little from history, although they must understand that terrorist icons will continue to run their empires from wherever they are in the world. Through the Internet, cell phones and mass media, Yasser Arafat would actually have an easier time pulling the terror strings from outside the West Bank.

Bin Laden had no trouble developing his elaborate crimes from the hills of Afghanistan, Islamic Jihad controls a vast network from Damascus, and other groups work quite well from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Giving Arafat a one way ticket out of Ramallah is the equivalent of handing him a bully pulpit to the world, with unprecedented access.

Within weeks, he will be spewing lies to Larry King on CNN about the atrocities committed by Israel and Ted Koppel will get his chance to show his fairness and courtesy for the good "Chairman." Extensive interviews on the BBC will follow some award of distinction from the French. Al-Jazeera will simply turn over the station to him, as Arafat attains the magical status of "the ultimate deported refugee."

Since deportation during WWII brought Jews to gas chambers, the European mentality within the Israeli government considers the act of deportation as some sort of "punishment" for Arafat. However, in this case, deportation would actually be a coup, a grand prize.

Western democracies, especially America, seem to have great concern for the fallout from this expulsion, especially on the Arab street. Many people believe that efforts to stabilize Iraq would be greatly complicated. There must be a better way to deal with the "Arafat" problem. Would simply killing the "king of corruption," whose wife and daughter are presently spending in excess of $40,000 a week in Paris, be a viable option? (No wonder they call themselves the "poor Palestinians!" The money trail leads to some of the finest boutiques in Paris.)

Arafat's death would not unleash anger in the Arab and Muslim world any more than the destruction of the Taliban in Afghanistan or Saddam in Iraq did. In fact, not a peep came from the entire Arab/Muslim world when those final photos were prominently shown of Uday and Qusay at room temperature after some rather crude plastic surgery. The message was clear that America meant business.

Expulsion will only give Abu Amar a greater stage on which to play. There are moments in history when a nation must forget the diplomatic risks associated with eliminating great evil. Israel faced this dilemma before the Six-Day War and in bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. World criticism was unremitting, while the UN considered sanctions. America recently followed that same formula in Iraq and worldwide peace protests ensued.

In the final analysis, it is clear that the means were justified and the world is now a much better place due to these military operations. It is only because of Israel that Yasser Arafat is alive today. Perhaps some brilliant Israeli military strategist was his guardian angel, realizing that it is actually Arafat who helped Israel, by personally keeping an independent Arab Palestinian state from being established.

Although Arafat should thank Israel for his life, ultimately the world will be thanking Israel for his death.

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Arafat is a waste of flesh and bone, void of conscience... He will never be the icon of peace which is so readily accepted by the true-believers, but a malevolent procurer of destruction and mass murder. How many fools out there truly believe that if there was a State of Palestine, he would no longer endeavour the eradicate The State of Israel/Jews? Sadly there are multitudes.