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Thread: Can the Green Line be sealed

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    David A

    Question Can the Green Line be sealed

    If the Israelis pull out of the West Bank, then can the border between Israel and the West Bank be sealed and made uncrossable?

    If so, then I would think that the obvious solution is to pull out of the West Bank and then seal the border. Once sealed, the Palestinians and Israelis could go their own separate ways: the Palestinians would no longer have occupation to beef about, and the Israelis would basically be free of Palestinians who enter Israel to blow up car bombs and the like. (Incidentally, I would think that the same solution would apply to Gaza)

    As to the hard line Jewish settlers in West Bank (who are, in my opinion, one of the principal root causes of the present hostilities) would either have to pull out and resettle in Israel or else be left to their own devices.

    Any thoughts?

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    nothing is ever 100%. But if Palestine get's it's own state, at least then it'll be finnaly seen as accountable for it's actions. But i don't think Israel will be safe, ever. It's in this for the long haul. Israeli Arabs alway can be recrueted, and what keeps anyone from firing rockets or missles or even waging full scale war against israel?

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